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30 Day Digital Challenge: How to Create a Messenger Bot (Day 6)

Messenger Bot Marketing

So today is Day # 6 of the 30 Day Digital Challenge and we have reached quarter of million views so we are 25% of the way to our million target.

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We are going to be looking at Messenger Marketing and in particular we are going to be looking at Artificial intelligence such as Chat Bots

As chat bots are still a relatively new technology they have been used in business for customer service more and more over the recent years but they are not common part of every business as yet.

We can longer ignore Chat Bots as a business technology because they are the future of communication!

EXAMPLE of Chat Bot in action

30 Day Digital Challenge: How to Create a Messenger Bot (Day 6)










Why you may ask well in 2018 driving positive digital experience is key so imagine a customer or even prospect asks a question through traditional ‘contact us’ methods there is a delay so engagement is lost but with bots it brings instant interactions and answers!

The evolution of AI and chat bot tools offer business a massive opportunity and not a threat to jobs as they can automate many repetitive tasks and duplication in business allowing sales, marketing and support teams to be more productive and after all productivity means PROFIT!

You can use Chat Bots to greet and engage with your users and hopefully turn them into paying customers.

But first you must determine the voice and purpose of your bot – We are seeing a huge growth in use on channels such as web and Facebook on particular.

The great thing is chat bots allow you to automate replies based on keywords, you can also get involved in live chat too.

An easy way of getting started is b just automating your Facebook posts to send to your subscribers.

Chat Bot tools used on channels such as social media a a brilliant way to build subscriber lists and these new tools offer free trials and have built in growth tools, pop up, bars and landing pages!

These tools allow you to set up a ‘Main Menu’ which can contain standard content such as brochures, guides, links to website content or landing pages and the option to call your team – Ensuring a fully integrated channel experience. I’d suggest: Call team, brochure, visit blog, website, landing page – you name it- you can add it to your bot!

Once you have built up a subscriber base hen you can start utilising broadcasts – Bot tools allow you to send ‘marketing communications’ like promotions, or you can send daily, weekly or regular news as well as followups.

It’s just like email but the average open rates on messenger are 80% compared to 20% for email and the Click Through Rate (CTR) is nearer than 30% on messenger opposed to 3% for email.

30 Day Digital Challenge: How to Create a Messenger Bot (Day 6)

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30 day digital challenge



Social networks present a huge marketing opportunity to businesses and are fast becoming the preferred way to reach customers. However, making waves across Facebook and Twitter requires much more than simply creating a profile. An effective campaign needs a considered strategy, as well as an element of persistence, if you are to achieve results that will drive your business forward.


As the digital landscape evolves, the social media marketing arena grows with it, with new tools and mobile applications being introduced every week. One particular area that has sparked interest across industries, thanks to its exponential growth in usage over the past couple of years, is messenger platforms and chatbots – so, how can businesses and marketers use this to their advantage?


Getting the message

Social chatting has well and truly overtaken traditional forms of communication and usage is increasing across the globe. There are currently over one billion people on Facebook Messenger each month who not only log on to message friends, but do so to connect with businesses and brands. The number of mobile messaging app users in total has skyrocketed to over 2 billion users worldwide, with predictions it will only grow even more over the next few years.


Consumers are moving away from texts and phone calls to quicker, easier and more convenient ways to reach people, so it’s little wonder that messenger apps are a hot topic among marketers. Bots on Facebook Messenger in particular enable one-on-one communication with potential leads, can amplify your level of customer service and allow the kind of interaction that converts.


Not only are messenger apps praised for their high engagement rates, they have much less friction than email or text – the user experience is seamless and the apps are perceived as a safer and more familiar place to communicate.

30 Day Digital Challenge: How to Create a Messenger Bot (Day 6)

Messenger bots: step-by-step

Facebook has the largest chat platform and user base on the market, so it’s the best place to start if you’re considering a trial of messenger marketing or building a bot. There are currently over 100,000 bots available on Facebook Messenger, which engage with and service customers who use the platform. So, how do we get started with messenger bots and what are the dos and don’ts of making them a success?


  1. Build a welcome message

Well-designed chat bots will always carry a welcome message that explains exactly what its intentions are and what it can do. It’s the most important message you can send as it will kick off interaction between your bot and your consumers. As it’s one of the first things visitors to your page will see, don’t be too robotic, give the message some personality and differentiate it from a generic message you might see on another company page. Use it as an opportunity to list options for your visitors, so they don’t waste time interacting with the bot if it can’t help them.

30 Day Digital Challenge: How to Create a Messenger Bot (Day 6)

  1. Determine the voice

Don’t think just because another business or competitor is using bots that you need to build one into your marketing strategy. A bot needs to be designed around the specific needs of your business – it cannot be an imitation. Start by determining the voice and purpose of the bot and consider what role it will play in your marketing strategy. Do you need it to be helpful, informative or reassuring?


Consider the style and tone and if it fits in with your brand, before launching something that may not follow your existing brand voice. Using consistent imagery can also help to build your brand’s identity into the bot’s interface.


  1. Create a script

Start by thinking about all of the possible questions a customer might ask you. You may even have an existing list of frequently asked questions that you can build into your bot. The next step is to think about the answers and possible interactions that could come from those questions – this will enable customers to get an automated and instant response to their query.


  1. Start small

Buttons and instant replies can help to guide workflow and are much easier to build than a fully conversational bot. You can add quick links to the buttons to lead your audience to landing pages, a blog, purchase page or, for further information, to an FAQ or ‘contact us’ section of your website. An even simpler response could be a simple thank you – let your customer know you appreciate the message and give them a timescale for a response.


  1. Select your tool

Building a chat bot doesn’t have to be expensive or complex. Several tools have launched to help you get started – even if you have no coding experience whatsoever. Chatfuel, Botsify, Converse AI and It’s Alive all offer free trials and plans to get started on your messenger marketing journey, and when you want to take it a step further, paid versions – such as the Microsoft Bot Framework or – will help you to take your chat bot to the next level.


To learn more about creating growing your business with messenger marketing, take a look at our online courses here.


Dawn McGruer FRSA

Dawn McGruer is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, trainer, practitioner and consultant, who has become a key influencer in the world of digital marketing. Dawn is the author of Amazon best-seller ‘Dynamic Digital Marketing’ (published by Wiley) & ranked #1 globally by LinkedIn for Digital Marketing. She was named Best Female Speaker at the Professional Speaker Awards & her Dynamic Digital Marketing Model named Solution Framework of the Year. Dawn is founder of Business Consort - Digital & Social Media Academy, which has enjoyed 15 years of success. Her insights are in high demand & her expertise and experience has been rewarded with lifetime Fellowships with the Royal Society and CIM. And above all else…Dawn walks the digital marketing walk! She’s built an enviable 5-million-strong subscriber base from scratch, proving her credentials to lead YOU to digital marketing success.

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