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30 Day Digital Challenge: Supercharge Your Social Strategy (Day 5)

Social Media Strategy

So today is Day # 5 of the 30 Day Digital Challenge – Catch up on what we have already covered; (View the 30 Day Topics Schedule)

  1. Day # 1 – The Digital Challenge Overview
  2. Day # 2 10 Blogging Tips for Business
  3. Day # 3 Dominating Search Engines for FREE
  4. Day # 4 Demystifying The Dark Art of SEO

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The reasons behind the challenge stem from a global digital skills gap and Dawn is bringing digital to the forefront of business through this campaign with an aim to reach 1 million videos views and bring real value to those looking to maxmise their digital marketing profits.

The topics cover all of the hot topics of digital marketing right now but feel free to let us know if you'd like to add any – just comment below – please comment, like and share this post to help us reach our target and of course come and join the challenge to benefit from these 30 digital marketing training sessions.

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