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Alejandro Customer Success Story

Learn how Business Consort’s Social Media Courses helped Alejandro develop his brand and business to increase online visibility for his business.

Alejandro is a very Creative and Innovative person with vast experience in Marketing and PR in the luxury Property and travel industries.

Due to his superb communication skills he is a natural relationship builder able to create profitable relationships with key decision makers and is a natural marketeer with great understanding and applicability of the marketing mix, SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media platforms.

He also possess strong analytical skills and great attention to detail with the ability of planning and creating initiatives for best return on investment while pursuing excellence on every step.

Ale is a very professional person that loves embarking and creating meaningful and innovative ventures who has a great ability to focus and adapting in order to generate business either with a team or on his own. So when he came to Business Consort to develop his wife’s yoga and retreat business we see him constantly implementing ideas and adapting his online strategy literally day by day with dramatic results.

Dawn’s Quote: “So Ale attended our Ultimate Social Media 3-Day intensive workshop covering social media strategy to grow his social audience for his retreat business with a key focus towards building a community group to showcase Yoga and Lifestyle tip videos and build a network of like-minded members.

On Day 3 the video marketing workshop really helped Ale devise a strong brand image for his video content which will be key in promoting his lifestyle group and retreats.

In addition, he is currently studying a specialist diploma in social media marketing accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute which will just solidify his learning to date and award him with a professional qualification too.

I have no doubt he we will see his business scale and grow over the coming months and we look forward to seeing a very successful social strategy in play this year”.

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