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Darius Ward: I turned my passion into a paycheck

I’ve been a self employed consultant since 2005 working with business to create & define strategy & track & manage performance. I’ve worked with the public sector helping councils & partnerships get and keep on the right track ensuring maximum bang for their buck. I’ve also worked with the private sector in project management & business analysis & improvement along the same lines.

My whole bag is to take something new or existing and refresh it so it is lean, effective & it’s own perfect version.

I turned 40 last week and when I first felt that approaching, around 2 years ago, I decided it was time to add a further string to my bow. Digital Marketing was my choice and I set about avidly consuming all manner of online courses, live events, books & journals, spending £1000s in the process. I learned a lot in that time and put some small parts of it into great effect in my work.

But when January came round I still felt that i’d not mastered the science and art of the subject. So I looked into doing a masters degree in DM. Having spoken with the head of the course at a well known Russell Group University and being told for £16,000 and a year of my time I would come out with only a theoretical understanding of how DM fit into larger organisations I decided against.

This was when I searched for and found Dawn! For 10% of the cost and 1/4 of the time she has not only shown me the how of DM but so vitally the what. A step by step system to use and follow for DM success in all manner of settings. Most importantly I’ve gained the confidence, along with my ‘Certified Professional’ status, to showcase my new skills and gain new and exciting projects.

Weeks after the 3 day I course I opened negotiations with a Swiss Pharma company who are looking to launch globally in just a few months time.

“Dawn combined the what and how of Digital Marketing in perfect symphony. As a result of her guidance and class training, I've become a Certified Professional and secured my first 6-figure contract with a major Swiss company”.  Darius Ward

Whilst I secured the contract based on my track record and proven results what undoubtedly added significant value was my comprehensive understanding of how there business systems can align with their digital offering and as a result they have asked my to support them in setting that up too!

I’ve earned a generous six figure package for a number of years now and have secured the same with the Swiss company. In addition though, largely due to my enhanced skill set and Dawn’s teachings, I’ve also secured a shareholding in the company that should easily see me achieve a SEVEN figure income for the 1st time! I’m overjoyed and can not express enough thanks to Dawn & the Digital Marketing Institute.

It has empowered me to seek more, be more and now to achieve more. Simply wonderful.

I know with absolute certainty that if you are looking to get started in DM, enhance your CV and get a pay rise or set up on your own and tackle the world that way Dawn is the person you NEED to go to. Don’t waste time & vast sums of money on things that won’t get you where you need to be. Go direct to the source of the knowledge you need to thrive. Go to the person that walks the walk each day and has had more success that most online ‘gurus’ could ever dream of.

Learn more about how we can help you achieve your dreams through developing your digital marketing skills to accerlerate your career and boost your business and brand!

Commended for Outstanding CIM Diploma Results

So today we celebrate our 13th Commendation from the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) for outstanding results – It is such an honour to receive a commendation from the world's largest marketing institute to recognise the success of our study centre and students studying the CIM Digital Diploma in Marketing.

Every assessment submission our team, tutors and students work relentlessly to submit assignments that won't just make the grade but set a precedence of professional marketing – Gaining a qualification is just part of the process. Our students need to be able to audit, plan, implement and manage digital campaigns and monitor to draw insights to develop successful digital campaigns

Our ethos as a business flows through to diplomas – We aim to not only get students qualified but to a level that they will become digital leaders and their success stories is in the results they bring their business not just in their own career development.

As one of the only study centres who offer 1:1 assignment review and feedback and LIVE coaching and mentoring in our interactive study buddy group it is clear to see why we continually rank at the top of the leader table for our results.

Studying a qualification not only requires support and interactivity and ultimately a a deeper understanding of digital techniques, trends, tools and insights but it must result in a student developing the expertise to actually be able to implement these digital techniques in a business or digital role – This is crucial!

Our students share their success and journey through our digital marketing qualifications – Maximise your Digital Marketing to Scale and Grow Your Business – Learn More about Digital Marketing Qualifications




Catherine Customer Success Story

Learn how Business Consort helped Catherine her set-up a business from scratch and utilise her digital marketing skills to not only develop her business but her clients

Catherine is a Strategic Marketing Consultant with expertise in global brand strategy, new product development, and digital marketing.

She is experienced in the FMCG sector project managing the launch and re-positioning of many global brands such as Whitley Neill Gin, Midori, Luxardo Italian Liqueurs, Jagermeister.

So her background in sales and European account management provides her with commercial acumen and financial awareness but as a results focused and enthusiastic professional, she is well aware that with the ever evolving world of digital she not only needed a professional qualification but continuous professional development to ensure you she is achieving the most from her own and client marketing activities.

Our Founder & Head Trainer Dawn is a practitioner and will often say marketing is her passion not just a business so works closely with businesses everyday with an aim of maximising their digital profits to scale and grow the company.

Dawn's Quote:- “Catherine started off with us studying the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing a few years ago which she credits in giving her the confidence to set-up her own business – Meardon Marketing.

To keep her finger on the pulse she has constantly up-skilled in the latest trends, techniques and tools through our Online Fast Track Course , Fast Track Social Media & Digital Marketing 2-Day intensive workshops and is currently studying the latest CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing which is level 6, equal to that of an undergraduate degree.

Our courses have been designed for busy professionals with a key focus towards implementing learning. Catherine does just that – She uses her developing knowledge to craft campaigns and constantly evolve her client marketing – It is fantastic that Catherine hasn't only made such headway with her own business but she has impacted on her clients results too”. 

View Catherine Meardon's LinkedIn Profile , Instagram & Facebook

Alejandro Customer Success Story

Learn how Business Consort's Social Media Courses helped Alejandro develop his brand and business to increase online visibility for his business.

Alejandro is a very Creative and Innovative person with vast experience in Marketing and PR in the luxury Property and travel industries.

Due to his superb communication skills he is a natural relationship builder able to create profitable relationships with key decision makers and is a natural marketeer with great understanding and applicability of the marketing mix, SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media platforms.

He also possess strong analytical skills and great attention to detail with the ability of planning and creating initiatives for best return on investment while pursuing excellence on every step.

Ale is a very professional person that loves embarking and creating meaningful and innovative ventures who has a great ability to focus and adapting in order to generate business either with a team or on his own. So when he came to Business Consort to develop his wife's yoga and retreat business we see him constantly implementing ideas and adapting his online strategy literally day by day with dramatic results.

Dawn's Quote: “So Ale attended our Ultimate Social Media 3-Day intensive workshop covering social media strategy to grow his social audience for his retreat business with a key focus towards building a community group to showcase Yoga and Lifestyle tip videos and build a network of like-minded members.

On Day 3 the video marketing workshop really helped Ale devise a strong brand image for his video content which will be key in promoting his lifestyle group and retreats.

In addition, he is currently studying a specialist diploma in social media marketing accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute which will just solidify his learning to date and award him with a professional qualification too.

I have no doubt he we will see his business scale and grow over the coming months and we look forward to seeing a very successful social strategy in play this year”.

Helen Customer Success Story

Learn how Business Consort's Fast Track Social Media Course helped Helen develop the Zouk brand and take some of her key digital marketing actions in-house.

Helen is Head of Marketing & PR at Zouk Group – As an experienced Marketing and Public Relations manager with a demonstrated history of working in both hospitality and retail sectors it is important for Helen to have a firm handle on the current digital and social media techniques especially when it comes to return on investment and balancing what marketing activities are best suited in-house versus with an agency.

Her skills already incorporate the key elements of being a strong media and communication professional such as Copywriting, Marketing Strategy, Event Management, Digital Marketing, and Media Relations.

Dawn McGruer MCIM FRSA MIoD is our Founder and a leading CIM tutor and has personally worked with Helen across 2018.

Dawn's Quote: “Helen completed the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing with Distinction and has now taken a very focused approach to continuing her digital skill set by attending our Fast Track Social Media Course earlier this year and is currently studying towards achieving a specialist diploma in social media marketing accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute. 

Throughout 2018 Helen will attend our LinkedIn, MailChimp & Email Marketing Masterclasses as well as our Ultimate Digital Marketing Course taking her to the next level of her Chartered Marketer journey.

She will have achieved continuous professional development hours close to 100 hours! That is certainly an achievement worth celebrating and one that will definitely aid her in her current role and future career.

Helen is a very proactive person who actions her knowledge through reviewing current activities and ensuring all elements of a campaign are integrated from in-house to agency whilst keeping an eye on the all important return on investment so she will see amazing results this year on top of those she has already achieved for the Zouk Group”.

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