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Top 10 Digital Marketing Must Haves Skills 2017

In 2017, to excel in business you need to have a strong online presence and to do this we know many are focusing on improving their results gained through their digital marketing efforts.

The key is not to throw money at acquiring new business but focus on improving what you already have.

We know you can;

  • Improve your online visibility in search by an average of 30% just by optimising your website
  • Increase your traffic by 44% by blogging and effective content marketing
  • Increase visitor conversion by 60% just by having a responsive but high converting website
  • Increase databases by 40% through improving data management and setting up lead funnels


There are so many more gains to be had across your current marketing just by looking at efficiency gains achieved through;

  • Streamlining your processes
  • Automating tasks
  • Selecting & using the right digital marketing tools
  • Setting up analytics (correctly) and drawing insights from the metrics you record

– the list continues but the quick fix in business seems to be to charge ahead at spending on advertising and focusing on recruiting new business but we forget about our lovely customers – who indecently spend on average 33% more and have no acquisition cost.

Our focus should be to start looking at proven strategies and fixing current online presence to get far greater results and return on investment. Ensure you are reaping the results from current activities by ensuring you have no skills gaps.

So what are the top 10 digital skills required in business today?

  1. Email Marketing Strategy & Marketing Automation
  2. Digital creative tools & content creation – images, video, infographics, animations etc
  3. Digital metrics & analytics
  4. Search Engine Optimisation
  5. Writing for the Web – Blogging & content marketing
  6. Social Media Marketing – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for business, Pinterest for business (if your demographics suits this market), YouTube
  7. Digital Marketing auditing, strategy planning, implementation and delivery
  8. Data Management & Customer Relationship Management
  9. Online Advertising & Viral Campaigns
  10. Website design & lead generation as well as conversion optimsiation

It goes without saying that being aware of the best digital marketing tools to ensure your processes are working as well as best practice and digital legislation needs to be in any digital marketers knowledge base too.

Ensure you have the right skill set and with digital marketing which is ever evolving consider your own continuous professional development – Knowledge is power and our ethos is to bridge the digital skills gap in today's business world by developing digital skills – Learn more about digital marketing courses and digital marketing qualifications


Ensure you are earning what you are worth – check out our Digital Marketing Salary Report 2017 – The average digital salary is £37K and rise to £50-100K with a Digital Marketing Qualification.


What is your biggest skills gap? Let us know below – leave a comment and join the conversation….

Digital Marketing Salaries 2017 – Trends & Predictions

The biggest motivation for students choosing to study a digital marketing qualification or up-skill through attending digital marketing courses is for professional development – This could be looking to perform better in a role, achieve better results from their digital marketing efforts or simply gaining a pay rise or promotion.

So what does a Digital Marketer expect to get paid in 2017?

Digital Marketing Salaries 2017 – They range from about £30-100K depending on experience and qualification

Those with experience and a digital marketing qualification such as a diploma in digital marketing can expect to be around £50K plus.

According to the Reed Salary Checker Tool the average digital salary is £38K which is an increase from last year and about 8,000 jobs which is a slight drop from last year but it is only January after all.

There are currently over 300 jobs offering over £60,000 so we know digital marketing has great opportunities for career development and we know digital skills are the most sought after by employer right now in a variety of disciplines including sales and business development not just marketing – so if you want to get the edge over the competition 2017 is definitely the year to develop your digital skills.


I am always overwhelmed by employees dedication to the business they work for when they attend courses – Its just fantastic to see the enthusiasm, passion and effort that goes into their digital marketing and social media efforts. It is the most satisfying aspect of my job when I meet people who share my love of digital marketing as well as vision of taking digital marketing to the next level in business and who want to keep up to speed with digital trends, insights and strategies.

Sadly I often see that these inspirational and dedicated group of marketers don't get the recognition they deserve and this could be reflected in their employer investing in training, offering a pathway to promotion or pay rise.

In these times where every penny spent counts surely we need to look at where we spend the money we have and what we can do to grow our businesses which in turn would help overcome dissatisfaction in the workforce.

So what can employers do? what would this look like in business?

Well we know that businesses who develop an integrated digital strategy that is broken down into daily tasks achieve better results and return on investment and tend to work smarter not harder.

Only half of businesses have a digital marketing strategy!

It's because sometimes the people tasked with this don't have access to the skills but more often than not its knowing what are the proven strategies that work and what are the tools that will help deliver effective and efficient digital campaigns. So we see a company outsource to overcome these obstacles but to be honest half the time the agency might not be in that much better position – yes they can probably draw on case studies but an account manager who is tasked with developing your strategy generally isn't part of the delivery team.

Outsource or keep in-house?

I can stand back and see these issues with clarity but my biggest advice to a business is to do as much in-house as possible – an agency can never feel the business mission, ethos or passion of those who are part of that team so please consider investing in training but accredited and certified training.

Sourcing quality Training

Unfortunately anyone can be a ‘training provider' but we meet huge amounts of people who opt for a courses that have no alignment to best professional practices meaning the quality and content is unregulated. We know as a CIM study centre that we undergo regular quarterly centre reviews and monthly and annual performance assessments.

There are only about 28 Chartered Marketing Accredited study centres worldwide and about 30% are in the UK so ensure you check out your training provider to ensure you get the quality your investment and team deserves.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

As a training provider and digital agency we know the importance of keeping your skills up to date – As practitioners this is fairly easy as we are involved in digital marketing daily but we all still do additional activities to reach and even exceed our potential and keep improving. We have worked hard to attain 7 x commendations for outstanding results but many providers have no such accolades to substantiate their offering.

For individuals CPD is crucial as well as for employers – Prove your worth to current and future employers by joining our Chartered CPD Programme. It’s a great way to manage your professional development whilst also demonstrating your commitment to keeping up-to-date and learning new skills.

What is CPD?

‘The proactive maintenance and extension of professional knowledge, skills and personal qualities required to drive responsible practice throughout working life.'

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is about improving skills and knowledge, ensuring you remain current and effective as a marketing professional. It’s relevant throughout your career – whether you are new to marketing or an experienced professional wishing to keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques.

Choose courses and qualifications wisely and remember a continuous professional development is required to keep skills current and to ensure your team are working with the best knowledge to guide an effective digital plan.

All of our courses are accredited under the CIM CPD programme and by joining the CPD programmeit will help you achieve the understanding and expertise that are expected of today’s marketing professionals.

What’s in it for you?

By joining the CIM CPD programme, you’ll gain:

  • new skills and knowledge, up-to-date with the latest trends.
  • tangible evidence of your commitment, competence and professionalism.
  • enhanced opportunities in a competitive job market.
  • personal confidence in your credibility as a marketer.
  • a clear route to Chartered Marketer status.
  • an opportunity to track progress and receive recognition for your achievements.
  • improved productivity.
  • increased ability to adapt positively to change.
So CPD will not only keep skills at their peak and aid constant development you can also achieve the accolade of the most prestigious marketing status of all time – Chartered Marketer.

Working towards Chartered Marketer status

Chartered Marketer – Join an elite community of marketers, all committed to maintaining the very highest standards in marketing knowledge and experience. Use the Chartered Marketer logo (and designatory letters) to show others that you are an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional.

You can achieve Chartered Marketer status through a combination of knowledge, experience and continuing professional development. If you’re currently a CIM member at MCIM or FCIM grade, you can work towards Chartered Marketer status.

Fast Track or maintain your current status through gaining CPD through CIM accredited courses or qualifications.

What is the biggest digital skills gap?

Gaps in knowledge such as being great at generating leads is only as good as the monitoring that goes with it to ensure optimal conversion  and customer journey. We see digital metrics and monitoring as one of the biggest skills gaps generally because Google analytics is free and so is social media.

A classic example of a knowledge gap is the common scenario of a business is generating leads but not getting enough to achieve the sales figures they have projected

Most start looking at ways of generating more leads and start throwing money at adverting and using more digital channels but there are better approaches to this problem.

A company should be looking at their customer journey and the percentage of leads converting and what barriers may be preventing more web leads or sales.

Perhaps if a digital team could proactively look at web conversion optimisation then they could get an immediate lift in results from current web visitors. Using analytics a campaign and current activities can be improved to generate better results from current spends assuming they know what to measure and what insight to draw from these tools.

But its not all doom and gloom because I also meet the companies who have bought into digital marketing and are reaping the rewards.

Benefits of Digital Marketing;

  1. Reaching a greater audience
  2. Generating leads
  3. Converting more sales
  4. Engaging their current customer and increase repeat and more frequent purchases

They see the bigger picture too – these businesses have seen the light!

They see that training is an investment crucial to keep improving their digital marketing results and to grow their business.

These forward thinking leaders are forging ahead because they know that the more they invest in their teams digital skills that this will have a direct correlation to their success.

In 2017

I see an amazing opportunity for businesses to increase their online visibility through taking their digital efforts and really looking at what money they could actually save by investing in up-skilling their team and not just the marketeers.

Digital marketing exists through the entire business because it can help with;

  • market research for product and service development, demand for new launches,
  • aid customer service,
  • build pipelines of leads for sales teams as well as helping manage existing customers to free up account managers to focus on new business development,
  • it can help shorten the sales cycle,
  • provide a better and more seamless experience for prospects, reduce unnecessary customer service calls though provide information through content marketing,
  • increase employee productivity which can help save up to 60% of the time on tasks through automating tasks and using digital tools for efficiency gains.

The list is endless!

Processes form the fundamentals of any plan

It may sound strange but we spend most of our time looking at processes and tools in place when we review a clients digital marketing strategy.

We now if you get your lead funnel right and data management and customer relationship management procedures plus get the right tools in place before you start driving ahead with implementing digital activities then you see far quicker and far better results – its all about reducing barriers for employees and prospects!

I constantly look a digital marketing salaries throughout the UK and the roles available in today's market – The great news is there a lot of digital jobs to be had but from an employer prospective here isn't enough digital skill to go round.

We know a huge percentage of jobs go unfilled every month. The aspect to consider is are these jobs paying enough to obtain the skill that does exist in the UK?…Well there a lot that just are not offering the remuneration to draw that skill in but those who are either offering training as part of the package to justify the lower salary or those offering a salary that matches the skill base are seeing the benefit.

How many people do I meet a day that tell me – we outsource and are looking to take it back in-house as we aren't getting the results or we are looking for a new digital manager or agency as our last marketing agency failed to deliver on their promises

The answer is about 50% so about 40 people a week.

That number says 2 things to me – Many agencies don't have the skill (or rely on the fact that a business has no knowledge what should be happening to regulate if what they are paying for is working) or ability to match their charges with a digital return on investment and many employers don't offer the remuneration or training to take their digital efforts to a point whereby their efforts are delivering results.

A business simply could not survive in business today without digital marketing so why does digital marketing not get the investment it needs to reap huge benefits for business?

Well I can honestly say it's often due to the lack of understanding from management – social media networks are free to join so in turn a training budget is not always allocated to getting the best return versus paid software acquisition. We do work heavily in educating a business about digital benefits as well as potential pitfalls as well as what should a digital marketer be paid.

A marketer needs all 15 of these digital skills shown in the below image in business for effective digital marketing in 2017 – Start earning what you are worth and develop you digital skills by attending a CIM Accredited Fast Track Course in Digital Marketing

Need Help then get in touch for a FREE Training needs analysis – Give our team an idea of your objectives or issues you facing such as skills gaps and they will match the best options for you to consider from courses or qualifications or guidance on strategy. Call 0800 334 4784 or drop us an email

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£150 Digital Marketing Training Funding Grants Released

£150 Funding Grant – Use towards ANY Digital Marketing Course or Qualification

We are really pleased to announce that we have £5000 worth of funding grants to help develop digital skills – This is a fantastic way of providing accessible digital marketing training to any individual or business – The grant is per person so allows teams to up skill with in a business and SAVE vast amounts through being able to claim £150 against any digital marketing course or qualification.

Business Consort – Digital & Social Media Academy release a funding grant every year in January – The funding grant provides £150 funding towards any course* to help develop your digital skills.

The only problem is that these funding grants are always under huge demand – We only have £5,000 secured funding to release so we know this will be snapped up quickly and every time someone uses the code the balance will reduce so although the grant expires for any course or qualification purchased (for any time of the year – just must be paid for) on the last day of January 2017 generally the funding pot is emptied within 7-10 days so we urge anyone who would like to claim their £150 funding grant for digital marketing training to act now to secure the discount.

Head tutor Dawn McGruer FRSA MCIM MIoD is ecstatic about the funding grant‘Our mission as a business is to bridge the digital skills gap and provide accredited and certified training at affordable pricing – we already have a price guarantee which ensures we are 20% than any other like-for-like course or qualification. We offer Chartered Marketing accredited courses and qualifications and are always 60% cheaper than the CIM and any other of the 20 study centres worldwide – so this is an amazing bonus we can offer'.

Don't ever by deterred by the low price point as we train over 3500 students a year and have a 99% pass rate with an average grade B and have received 7 commendations from the CIM to date for outstanding results achieved so the you can rest assured the quality of our training is extremely high.

We are a digital marketing agency and training provider meaning our courses are structured for learning practical skills used in business today as well as proven successful strategies taken from extensive client projects as our case studies.

We feel that as a private provider we stand out from colleges and universities for the fact that our team at Business Consort are all practitioners who are implementing and managing digital marketing all day everyday – so our experience on hands on marketing tools is deep and wide. We don't just teach concept and theory our ethos is about ups-killing a student to perform at their best in a commercial environment.

CLAIM YOUR £150 OFF NOW – View courses & qualifications… and enter code: developmydigitalskills at checkout it will reduce your balance by £150 Or if you need some help call 0800 334 5784

We would like to wish all of you Happy New Year & Happy Learning for 2017 –

*course or qualification must be £749 or over – Ends 31st January 2017 or when grant is used in full.

Business Consort Launch NEW Online Marketing Courses

Online Marketing Courses Launch

As an award winning CIM study centre of excellence we are really pleased to launch our NEW online marketing courses to replicate our classroom learning experience online as we have so many requests from delegates about online learning – we already provide our Digital Marketing Qualifications online which are hugely popular so we decided to break down all areas of Digital Marketing into bite size video based learning chunks.

Our online digital marketing courses offer learning anywhere at anytime – 24/7 and can be taken alone or to support face-to-face courses hosted in London or Manchester.

In addition to our new course launch we have also launched a brand new after-course support portal to enhance our classroom learners after they attend the courses- We offer unlimited after-course support through our online group & forum which allows delegates to maintain contact direct with their tutor – Dawn McGruer FRSA MCIM MiOD, ask questions, post content, network with other members as well as accessing FREE online course content which we provide as part of our Digital Developer Course which every course attendee is automatically enrolled on to continue their professional development.

We will also release monthly webinars as video style learning to further aid in their development of digital skills and keep them abreast with digital trends, tools, predictions so they know how digital marketing is evolving and what that means to their business. We encourage members to participate in our Facebook group as notifications of latest news and new content will instantly be connected back to their group to access.

Each course is 2-hours long and we will be launching more and more courses every week and month throughout 2017 and we look forward to reaching our 150 course benchmark by the end of the year.

All of our Courses are accredited under the Chartered Institute of Marketing CPD programme

Online Courses from £99 + VAT – normally £199 + VAT each

  1. Social Media Marketing Essentials Course – Getting a basic digital strategy going (for those newer to digital)
  2. Online LinkedIn Masterclass Course
  3. Online Twitter for Business Course
  4. Online Facebook for Business Course
  5. Writing for the Web Course
  6. Google Adwords & PPC Course
  7. POWER HOUR strategy & Training one-to-one LIVE online sessions
  8. Social Media Course Bundle Only £249 + VAT – normally £549 + VAT
  9. Pick’n’Mix Course Bundle NOW only £249 for any 3 (normally £549 for 3) – SAVE  a massive £300 as currently – Online Courses are on offer at £99 + VAT each (normally £199 + VAT EACH) or £449 for any 6 (normally £949 for 6) – SAVE a whopping £500!

Key Features & Benefits

  • Bite Size Lessons split across modules
  • Certificate upon completion
  • 2-Hours of video content per course
  • High-Definition Video Style Lectures
  • Slides downloadable as pdf notes
  • Flexible Learning at your own pace
  • Gain Up-To-Date Industry Knowledge
  • Internationally Recognised Accreditation
  • Supporting Downloadable Course Guides
  • Dedicated tutor to Guide & Coach you through the Course
  • Private messaging contact with your tutor
  • Draw from your tutors Expertise in Digital Marketing
  • Access our Online Learning Community 24/7
  • Watch Video Lectures on Mobile Devices – Anywhere & Anytime!
  • Unlimited after-course support

Our online learning community is extremely clear and easy to use and can be accessed on desktop or any mobile device.

Professional – worldwide recognised qualifications

PLEASE NOTE: Study any of our qualifications online for ONLY £749 + VAT – Normally £1549 + VAT (A Massive £800 SAVING until 31st January 2017 – This offer won’t ever be repeated

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Accredited by The Digital Marketing Institute – Learn More…

  • Study ONLINE  £749 + VAT (normally £1549 + VAT)
  • 2-day Fast Track in London or Manchester £949 + VAT (normally £1749) 

Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling Accredited by The Digital Marketing Institute – ONLINE  £749 + VAT (normally £1549 + VAT)

CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing Accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing – Learn More…

  • Study ONLINE £749 + VAT (normally £1549)
  • 2-day Fast Track in London or Manchester £849 + VAT (normally £1749)
  • 2-Day Foundation in London or Manchester £849 + VAT (normally £1749)

For help choosing the right course email us or call our team on 0800 334 5784 
(You can also click on live chat on our website if you’d like help online!)

BEST PRICE GUARANTEE means we are 20% cheaper than all like-for-like course in the UK

Learn more about the importance of digital marketing

Need help finding the right course? Call our team 0800 334 5784 

Let us know what topics you would like to see covered in our online course portfolio – comment below – subscribe to our blog and keep ahead in digital marketing – spread the word and share our news with your network 🙂