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Commended for Outstanding CIM Diploma Results

So today we celebrate our 13th Commendation from the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) for outstanding results – It is such an honour to receive a commendation from the world's largest marketing institute to recognise the success of our study centre and students studying the CIM Digital Diploma in Marketing.

Every assessment submission our team, tutors and students work relentlessly to submit assignments that won't just make the grade but set a precedence of professional marketing – Gaining a qualification is just part of the process. Our students need to be able to audit, plan, implement and manage digital campaigns and monitor to draw insights to develop successful digital campaigns

Our ethos as a business flows through to diplomas – We aim to not only get students qualified but to a level that they will become digital leaders and their success stories is in the results they bring their business not just in their own career development.

As one of the only study centres who offer 1:1 assignment review and feedback and LIVE coaching and mentoring in our interactive study buddy group it is clear to see why we continually rank at the top of the leader table for our results.

Studying a qualification not only requires support and interactivity and ultimately a a deeper understanding of digital techniques, trends, tools and insights but it must result in a student developing the expertise to actually be able to implement these digital techniques in a business or digital role – This is crucial!

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