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Dawn McGruer: Helping Businesses and Brands Shine Online

Passionate about Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurial Escapades!

I started my business at the ripe age of 21!



Was it a good idea?…All I know is that I turned my passion into profit. I absolute love the dynamic pace of digital marketing, technology and entrepreneurism.


That said it’s not always been easy being in business and I thrive on helping businesses and brands shine online.


The number one reason I started my businesses (I have multiple from a marketing agency, digital and social media academy to investing and property) is that I want to make a difference.


Every single day I help entrepreneurs and businesses and their teams to maximise their digital marketing profits by developing digital skills in order to scale and grow their business so that they can accelerate their success and achieve their dreams and lead the life they deserve.


After all being in business is about lifestyle and living the life you want. I firmly believe in being the best YOU….This is about overall well-being from mindset, health, wealth, happiness, family, friends, relationships, business and let’s not forget ADVENTURE.


My clients are entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professionals who are really passionate about what they do and that’s what makes me tick. They share a passion of mine because they too want to increase their online presence and ultimately generate more leads and convert more profitable customers.


That’s what makes businesses sustainable and successful but we ALL want to make the best of the life we have. We only have one stab at it so it’s important we get it right…

I meet thousands of people a month and the great news is that even if YOU are not living your best life and being the best YOU now….That can change TODAY!


It pains my heart when I meet entrepreneurs and business owners who continue to spend time, money and effort on the wrong strategies that won’t reap the best results for their investment.


Why do I feel such a connection with this issue?…because I went through the exact same pain and heartache when starting and growing my business. I have literally spent hundreds of thousands of pounds forging my way from start-up to sell-out success!


It didn’t happen overnight I am 40 now and over the past 20 years I am learning and evolving every day. I have felt the frustration and fear as a business owner and climbed that mountain only to fall back down but I got up again and again and I will never stop striving.


YES I have won multiple awards for speaking, as an author and as digital marketer and as a business women but it’s not all about accolades. Nice as they are success is different to every person and it doesn’t have to be about money or wealth. It’s about what makes you HAPPY!


Don’t get me wrong I was super excited when Wiley offered me a publishing contract but it’s not the money but the recognition that makes me HAPPY…What makes you HAPPY?


It’s really important to have goals in each area of YOUR life not just around business.


How can I help YOU?…I have failed enough to know what doesn’t work so what I can offer is to simply share my story and my journey so YOU know the pitfalls to avoid, tips to achieve your goals faster but most importantly by sharing my success strategies!


I will share powerful ways to market YOUR business online showing YOU how to boost YOUR online visibility and YOUR profits to revolutionise YOUR life and business.


I have always known that I have a special skill to inspire, motivate and help people achieve outstanding results that have a big impact on their lives and businesses but I’ve been so busy focusing on growing my business I haven’t shared and connected in the way I wanted.


Guess what – The time is NOW…I am here to share the expertise I have gained over the past 20 years establishing myself as a key influencer in the field of digital marketing and working with some of the world’s leading and respected organisations and now it’s my time to empower YOU TO SHINE ONLINE!


Ask me anything and I will share my experience and at very least be here to listen – Let’s celebrate each other’s success and take this journey together…It’s only fair to share and there is no need to go it alone from now on….I am here to help YOU!


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Dawn McGruer FRSA FCIM MIoD – Helping Businesses & Brands Shine Online 🙂

Multi-Award-Winning Digital Marketing Speaker, Author & Trainer

Ranked #1 Globally By LinkedIn for Digital Marketing – LinkedIn Profile

Founder of Business Consort  – Digital & Social Media Academy

Tel: 0800 334 5784

Connect with me – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn

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Dawn McGruer FRSA

Business Consort - Digital & Social Media Academy was established in 2005 by me, Dawn McGruer FRSA - I have over 15 years experience as a digital marketing practioner, consultant and as a trainer. I have also just been invited to become a Fellow of the RSA – The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce founded in 1754. This invite comes as recognition of my expertise in the field of social media marketing and her work to raise awareness of the advantages of social media to business owners. We are one of the world leading training organisations and are accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing. With over 2 million subscribers we provide Social Media and Digital Marketing Training Courses including the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

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