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From: £49.00 / month

The Consort Club is a business community to support growing and scaling your business through maximising digital marketing and ultimately your profits. The perfect way to develop your digital skills with no upfront fees but simple monthly payments which package all the elements you need to grow your digital skills!


Attendee Detail

Attendee Detail



The Consort Club (Consort was included in our business name as we united others through networking and through our alumni so we felt it apt for our club as we will be companion, associate, or partner acting as you virtual business partner) – The Consort Club is a business community to support growing and scaling your business through maximising digital marketing and ultimately your profits.

For the first time ever our Founder Dawn McGruer FRSA FCIM MIoD who is ranked #1 globally by LinkedIn in her industry has decided to launch the Academy offering a monthly coaching & mentoring programme. She has never worked outside of our agency clients on this basis but as her passion is developing digital skills she has developed a unique way of sharing her vast knowledge and expertise to a larger numbers through our Growth Membership. This way she can provide dedicated digital marketing coaching, mentoring and consultancy just like being your own virtual digital marketing manager.

This is our most comprehensive package available to cover all aspects of digital marketing with the choice of 2 levels of Consort Club Membership and is an ideal follow-on after your complete our Online 30-Day Fast Track Programme;

  1. BOOST: £49 + VAT a month (normally £79) – Great for those who want support through online coaching and mentoring + on-going guided learning and up-skilling.
  2. GROWTH: £349 + VAT a month (normally £549) – Ideal if you’d like a high-level of support through is 1 x Power Hour Strategy & Training Sessions a month + Face-to-Face Mastermind Strategy & Training Sessions a year + access to a vast network of professionals to build alliances, partnerships, collaborations and joint ventures. It offers the ability to spread the cost of developing your digital skills with coaching, mentoring and consultancy all-rolled into one digital marketing programme.

The perfect way to develop your digital skills with no upfront fees but simple monthly payments which package all the elements you need to grow your digital skills!

The Consort Club is unique in the fact that we not only provide online training but also the option to join face-to-face sessions – All of our training is focused towards implementation, managing and measurement to constantly evolve and improve your marketing to optimise results.

By joining the Consort Club you will have access to your own virtual marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience and numerous awards. The critical success factor is not just learning but implementing what you learn in your role or business with the full support and guidance of your coach and mentor to run successful marketing campaigns.

It costs from £49 a month and we guarantee the knowledge and network you will gain every month is well worth the investment.

Guess what The Consort Club is eligible for CPD (continuous professional development) so what does that mean?….It means that if you are already or choose to become CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing member then you can work your way to either maintaining or attaining Chartered Marketer Status.

This is the highest accolade you can achieve in digital marketing and is recognised worldwide. You will need to complete a learning aligned with the Professional Marketing Competencies framework during each CPD year for a minimum of two consecutive years if you want to achieve this status.

BOOST MEMBERSHIP – £49 + VAT / Month (Pay Annually £499 + VAT – SAVE £89)

  • LIVE 60 Minute Monthly Masterclass covering a hot digital topic – Join the interactive session or watch the recorded version which is automatically added to your learning portal
  • State-of-the-art online learning portal with discussion forums – bite size video lectures – Acess anywhere & anytime – 24/7!
  • Certification every time you complete a masterclass – CIM accredited (CPD eligible)
  • Private Facebook Group – Interactive, Motivational Support Network  packed full of Tips & Advice
  • Weekly Tips Tuesday – Blog & Newsletter
  • Access to expert advice direct from Multi-Award-Winning Digital Speaker, Author & Trainer: Dawn McGruer  FRSA FCIM MIoD
  • Support around maximising digital marketing profits to scale and grow your business
  • Digital Campaign Case Studies – Advice on campaign ideas & improvements
  • Access our network of experts & network with like-minded peers
  • FREE webinars and online workshops
  • FREE Business BootCamps at least 3 x a year in London & Manchester (normally £99 each) – streamed online too for those unable to attend physical events
  • LIVE weekly Q & A with Mentoring & Coaching
  • Resource Library: Free Tools, Planners, Templates & Checklists
  • FREE 90 Day Plan & Video Series WORTH £349
  • Referral Programme: CASH TO YOU for referrals £200 per referral
  • 20% discount for any Business Consort products & services (you will be given a Club Code that you can use on the website)
  • Discounted rates for software & tools we recommend too


Includes everything in BOOST Membership PLUS;

  • Want to work with one of the world’s most influential digital marketers?…and meet regularly to strategise and plan towards growing your business
    This is ideal if you want face-to-face interaction with a digital marketing consultant – This is not 1:1 but you will be coached in small MasterMind Groups with like-minded businesses at similar stages to yourself. We match the groups so you can network with professionals at the same stage of business growth which will create an invaluable support network and an opportunity to build alliances. 1 x Mastermind Strategy & Training Days face-to-face a year (small groups – invite only) for FREE (worth £5000)
  • The GROWTH Members will also be invited in to Dawn’s INNER-CIRCLE which allows you to access her vast network and collaborate on joint opportubties and ventures. Rest assured just this one aspect of the Club will return your investment ten-fold as she holds some amazing accolades as well as some enviable connections.
  • 1 x POWER HOURS a month with Dawn to develop and drive your digital strategy (worth £5000)
  • Attend our 2-Day Fast Track or 3-Day Ultimate Courses in Manchester & London at no extra cost. (worth £5000)

The aim of the academy is to help you maximise your digital marketing profits to scale and grow your business through helping you develop and implement the best digital strategy for your business.

Dawn will use her expertise to empower you to create and run succesful digital marketing campaigns.

After 20 years of working with clients providing digital marketing consultancy and developing digital skills through our courses and qualifications it became really apparent that it is all very well devising or teaching a tried and tested strategy and then handing it over for our clients to implement, manage and measure but in reality it is actually these 3 crucial stages that require the most support so we developed a ROADMAP.

The academy wil be structured using online GROUP POWER HOUR sessions which will focus on 6 key areas of our ROADMAP to help you develop your digital marketing strategy using Dawn’s unique framework;

  1. AUDIT
  2. PLAN

This entire package is worth almost £20,000 and we are offering this amazing opportunity for just £749 a month!

Dawn’s Bio

Dawn is the founder of Business Consort – Digital & Social Media Academy which boasts an alumni of 20,000 trained and certified professionals worldwide.

She is an award winning digital marketing trainer, practitioner, consultant, author and speaker who has become a key influencer in the world of digital over the past 20 years having amassed over 5 million subscribers and a 45,000 strong LinkedIn network.

In addition, she also was shortlisted for the CIM Marketing Excellence Award ‘Marketer of the Year’ earlier this year and has been ranked #1 globally by Linked in her industry.

She is publishing her second book in Autumn 2018 and continues to be invited to speak on stages across the world to share her digital marketing knowledge.

She was also invited as a lifetime Fellow of the RSA – The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce in recognition of her expertise in the field of social media marketing and her work to raise awareness of the advantages of social media to business owners.

In 2018 her vast marketing skills and experience as a senior marketer have been recognised by CIM and she has been awarded a second Fellowship which is an extremely high accolode to achieve.

Please Note: if you are looking for 1:1 coaching then the Virtual VIP Academy is the option you would require as The Consort Club offers group coaching & mentoring in digital marketing.

So what do you get?

The Consort Club Membership has been designed to benefit every stage of your business or career – On-Going Coaching & Mentoring from a world leading and award winning digital marketing author, speaker, consultant and our founder of our academy and agency – Dawn McGruer FCIM FRSA MIoD.

It is geared to constantly developing your digital knowledge in an ever evolving world of fast changing tools and strategies so is ideal if you want to keep your finger on the pulse and keep ahead of your competition by being the first to know about the latest tips, tools and proven techniques to create and run successful digital campaigns.

We host regular LIVE training sessions in the private Facebook Group as well as our very popular group Q & A clinic where you can ask the expert their advice on your digital campaigns.

Who is the club for?

Whether you are a start up or established business looking to develop an already high level of expertise the Consort Club will offer a perfect way to continuously develop your digital skills and keep abreast of the ever evolving world of digital. The only choice is about the level of support you choose – we offer Boost which is great for online support or Growth which has at least 1 face-to-face stratgy & training sessions a year plus a huge bonus of 1 x strategy and accountability POWER HOUR call a month to keep you focused, get you implementing, driving and managing campaigns forward as well as measuring and drawing from those insights to improve your results and profits.

Being part of this exclusive club will benefit anyone responsible for actually running their own digital marketing campaigns to those who are the driving influence responsible for briefing agencies or teams.

Benefit from expert advice but also mix with like-minded professionals and peers – Having your own dedicated forum where you can proactively seek strategic partnerships, source suppliers, collaborate on joint ventures is a valuable asset to any marketer – There is nothing better than being part of a community because The Consort Club will be your go to for all aspects of growing your business.

Think of the club as having your very own guiding star to support you  on your own personal digital journey – from learning the basics, starting a business to running global campaigns the key is that the club offers advice that you can use to develop your own digital marketing plan.

We will help you with positioning your brand to attract and generate leads, ensuring efficient and automated processes are in place to reach your target market using the best tools for the job to making sure your proposition is presented in the best way to convert profitable customers.

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