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Success from Your Soul Mastermind™

From: £1,497.00 / month for 12 months

NEW 🚀 CEO Success from the Soul Mastermind™ which guarantees to focus on helping YOU scale to consistent high-income months to achieve the ultimate in freedom, flexibility and financial growth.

A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish!

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Want results FAST?...then working with your own personal Digital Marketing Mentor is for YOU!

You'll work with me, Dawn McGruer on your own business {like a virtual business partner} to develop a winning success strategy specifically focused on achieving your goals.

PLUS attend a Luxury Business Mastermind Retreat or VIP Strategy Day EVERY quarter to really drive momentum and take your business to the next level.

It's an absolute no brainer...You will not regret it!

This amazing opportunity gives you the chance to keep momentum going between in-person mastermind retreats to really move the needle in your business to catapult your success to the next level.


I am delighted to announce the launch of my NEW 🚀 CEO Success from the Soul Mastermind™ which guarantees to focus on helping YOU scale to consistent high-income months to achieve the ultimate in freedom, flexibility and financial growth.


It's about designing a life and business full of enrichment, experiences and excitement.  We meet every 90 days in-person in luxurious surroundings and build a strategy with specific actions to enable you to hit your goals.

The 🚀 Success from the Soul Mastermind™ is designed for;

  • CEO's & Business Owners
  • Coaches, Consultants & Creators


  • 1:1 On-Boarding & VIP Strategy Online Session with Dawn (60-Mins)
  • Quarterly 1:1 VIP Strategy Online Session with Dawn (60-Mins)
  • 2 x International Retreats Included - Europe & Marrakesh
  • You will be placed in the best suited mastermind group for where you are in your journey and gain support from an epic community of business owners, forming lifelong friendships and often clients as a result (max 10 per group)
  • VIP Strategy & Planning Days Every Other Month
  • Monthly Group Coaching & Mentoring Calls
  • Social Media Content & Copy Coaches to give Feedback on your Marketing
  • Guest Expert Masterclasses from World Leading Business Owners
  • Accountability, Support & Feedback WhatsApp Group
  • Goal Setting & Tracking Tool + Monthly Guided Strategy
  • Resource Vault + CEO Strategy School™ & Growth Hacking™ Courses (Certified)
  • Group Immersion Sessions to improve mindset, confidence & wellbeing

from £997 + VAT a month!

“I started to see and feel changes about our marketing strategy almost immediately which has saved us quite a lot of time and money already but my biggest achievement so far has been in my confidence in myself”

THE MASTERMIND is for you if;

  • You know you can achieve more, but your are stuck because you don’t know the exact steps and strategy that’s going help you scale…

  • You are tired of spending time on things that don’t work…..

  • You want to grow and scale your business through being seen, found and noticed quicker and turn your connections into clients whilst spending less time, effort and money on marketing….


STOP trying to do it alone – I’m here to help you work Smarter not Harder and Raise Your Authority, Grow Your Influence, so you can SCALE YOUR BUSINESS FASTER than ever before


“She is a font of knowledge and is very generous in everything she knows, she shares every little tip that she has learnt along the way!”

I started my business at 21 and was mortgage free by 33 and I have worked with over 30K clients, and helped them make over £45million.


BUT I know the online space can be overwhelming. The tech is scary, and this makes us procrastinate.

  • It means we leave money on the table.
  • It means we block our potential
  • It means we stunt our business
  • It means we are sat in frustration and fear


And no-one wants that.


I don’t want to that for you. As someone who understands this stuff, who loves this stuff, whose built a 7 figure business around this stuff, I want you to get it too. 


Because when you do it’s exciting, it’s empowering - it’s a GAME-CHANGER!


  • I’m here to make your digital marketing easy.
  • I’m here to show you how you can use our proven systems to map out your marketing success - stopping you throwing money down the drain on ads and funnels you don’t understand and instead helping you to step up to the CEO you want to be  - one leading the growth of your business.
  • You get my heart and soul guiding you and leading you when we come together to strategise on how you can make your business work harder for you…

“I should have done this a long time ago because already I have done things I never thought possible in just 2 weeks”

Specifically the MASTERMIND will help you;

  • Review your entire business model to ensure you are not leaving money on the table
  • Inbound Marketing Strategies to generate an abundance of leads on auto-pilot
  • Map out your customer journey to reveal how to boost your sales pipeline
  • Be seen, found and noticed quicker than ever before online
  • Convert more profitable customers, more often with more ease
  • Open the floodgates to release money blocks and plug profit drains
  • Save time, effort and money on your marketing whilst getting better results

You'll work with Dawn to Unleash YOUR true Profit Potential with your very own Marketing Money Map™

Investment: FROM £997 A MONTH!



Work directly on your business with our Founder, Dawn who has several multi-million pound businesses that she has started from the ground up so she fully understands what it is like to be a business owner and the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur from cash flow to generating leads and lack of time to get everything done!

  • We will create an overall vision for the business
  • We will be looking at maximising every lead and conversion source in the business and open the floodgates to unlock money blocks and open up new opportunities to grow and scale your business boosting profits
  • Create a 90-Day Plan specifically looking at driving leads into your business (not just from your entry product up) at every stage across your offer ladder - ensuring you are gaining clients for your higher ticket products / services not just driving customers through low ticket funnels - Shortening the sales cycle and having a marketing pipeline opposed to using funnel approach. The focus is to get your lead generation on auto-pilot to spend less time, effort and money on marketing.
  • Breakdown the plan into easy to implement actions and even help you with getting support in place to make it happen
group sunny retreat


A Goal without a plan is just a wish!


Develop a clear vision of your goals for the coming year and a 30, 60 & 90-Day Plan to achieve them which you can implement straight away!



Imagine having complete clarity and confidence around your strategy and achieving your goals and what that would mean for you and your life and business.


A huge part of this mastermind and mentorship programme comes from the connections, collaborations and life-long friends you make too. This really is the most magical element and one you'll treasure. It is critical in business to feel supported, and have a safe and secure environment to share and grow and we promise you will find it right here with us. Retreats offer you time away from your business to work on the bigger picture plus we allow plenty of time to re-energise too. We have some pretty epic activities you can get involved in or choose to just relax so you will return inspired and invigorated for your next level of success.

Retreats run every quarter and if you can't make it you simply attend a VIP group strategy day in Cheshire or work virtually online.

  • Sept 2023 - Marrakesh
  • Jan 2024 - Cheshire VIP Strategy Day
  • May 2024 - Dubai
  • September 2024 - Marrakesh
table retreat

Digital Coaching & Mentoring is for you if YOU...

Know what you want to achieve but feel a little overwhelmed

Need clarity to get your ideas translating into actual results

Need more leads, sales and profit for the business to grow

Want to build a scalable business and work 1: many not just 1:1

Want recurring revenue streams that keep the cash flowing

Want to launch a new course, workshop or product or service


Call our team 0800 334 5784 or...


Geraldine Spurway | ICF Executive Coach & Mentor

Dawn’s passion for helping others succeed is second to none.

She is amazing at what she does, not only does she understand technology, but she is able to simplify and make it accessible to anyone wanting to learn new digital marketing skills.

Being coached by Dawn has been a great experience, her energy is so positive, plus she cares!

She is truly an inspiration to any woman wanting to grow in the digital space!

Ed Beattie | Chartered Marketer

Dawn really is fantastic at what she does. Her knowledge is deep and her passion to help people is amazing.

I've undertaken quite a few of her training courses, face-to-face and online, and have found them all to have delivered immense value and helped me to improve my skills.

I'm part of her marketing mentorship programme and am learning new things all the time - skills that I can implement for my business and those of my clients.


Can't recommend her highly enough!


Darius Ward, Entrepreneur 

“Dawn combined the what and how of Digital Marketing in perfect symphony.
As a result of her guidance and class training, I’ve secured my first 6-figure contract with a major Swiss company”

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from £997 A MONTH

Best Female Speaker - As featured in



dawn presenting 2

Dawn McGruer is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, trainer, practitioner and consultant, who has become a key influencer in the world of digital marketing.

Dawn is the author of Amazon best-seller ‘Dynamic Digital Marketing’ (published by Wiley) & ranked #1 globally by LinkedIn for Digital Marketing.

She was named Best Female Speaker at the Professional Speaker Awards & her Dynamic Digital Marketing Model named Solution Framework of the Year.  

Dawn is founder of Business Consort - Digital & Social Media Academy, which has enjoyed 15 years of success. Her insights are in high demand & her expertise and experience has been rewarded with lifetime Fellowships with the Royal Society and CIM.

And above all else…Dawn walks the digital marketing walk! She’s built an enviable 5-million-strong subscriber base from scratch, proving her credentials to lead YOU to digital marketing success.

just some of the lovely people we work with

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from £997 A MONTH

Frequently Asked Questions

Dawn McGruer FRSA MCIM - The Queen of Digital Marketing!

Over the past 20 years she worked with over 30,000 clients and has helped them make more than £45 million building their businesses {target for 2022 is to exceed £100K).

She started her first business at the age of 21, was mortgage free by 33 and 20 years on her marketing agency still stands strong, with an enviable client list.

Dawn Founded Business Consort Academy (CIM Accredited) in 2005, developing digital skills through accredited and certified courses and qualifications. Business Consort Academy empowers marketers to master the world of online marketing and social media to accelerate their careers and grow their businesses.

Her mission is to make education accessible for all and my vision is to see business and marketing taught in schools. 

Most recently Dawn created the Marketing Money Map™ which is a mentorship programme and mastermind for business owners and entrepreneurs helping them to raise their authority, grow their Influence, so they can SCALE THEIR BUSINESSES FASTER than ever before.

Multi-Award-Winning Digital Marketing Speaker, Strategist & Trainer

  • Best Female Speaker Speaker (PSA 2018)
  • Ranked in top 1% on LinkedIn for Digital Marketing Globally (30K Connections + Same in Followers)
  • Global Best-Selling Author - Dynamic Digital Marketing (Wiley)
  • Host to top 5% Global Ranking Podcast ‘Dawn of a New Era’
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing & RSA (Royal Society of Arts Manufacture and Commerce) 

NO problem we understand you might not be able to come to every retreat but don't worry we have you covered with the absolute next best thing – You can choose to attend a 1-day VIP Strategy Day in-person with Dawn in Cheshire or she'll support you virtually 1:1 through POWER Hour sessions and coaching and mentoring is to ensure you have a rolling 90-Day plan and that you are constantly moving towards your goals.

It is also a great way of getting clarity and confidence around the specific actions you need to implement as well as getting help and support to overcome any obstacles.

So if you can't attend any of these we will simply replace the retreat with coaching & mentoring to ensure you get the very best support and advice for you and your business.

Group Coaching Support will be in place between each quarterly retreat too to ensure you get your 90-day Strategy and Mastermind input from your peers and mentor.

If 90-day retreats can't work with your life and schedule then don't worry we've got you covered with our Digital Marketing Coaching & Mentoring Options;

  • VIP Strategy Days 1-Day in Cheshire in-person Strategy Day working 1:1 with you (and your team)
  • Coaching & Mentoring Packages (Min. 90 day contract) Choose different levels of support - 2 or 4 x POWER Hour Strategy Sessions per Month (Initial 90 Min Session)

We will use our signature process to unlock the floodgates to leads across your business and get your lead generation running on auto pilot driving new clients into the business through our unique pipeline approach we will look at pushing new prospects into every level of your offer ladder. We have had businesses double their revenue to 10 x their profit so the opportunities really are vast depending on what your goal is. Dawn will not only help you devise and implement the right strategy but she and your mastermind peers will hold you fully accountable.

YES – We often have a few delegates from a business attend the retreats and VIP strategy day to get clear on the objectives for the team and integrate activities across the business into the overall plan. It is a great way of boosting buy-in across the business and getting key employees involved in planning. We can offer you multi-delegate discounts just get in touch with our team 0800 334 5784 or Contact Us via email.

YES - We created this very special programme to keep you accountable and help you take your business to the next level whilst benefiting from bespoke coaching and mentoring. Then every 90-Days you'll be working on your next set of actions to keep your 90-day plan moving to the next goal and the mix of in-person and virtual sessions will also be supported through accessing your peers and 1:1 help direct from Dawn through our private VIP clack channel.

YES - The mentorship and mastermind programme is suitable for start-up to global businesses because you will be working on your own strategy and goals for the business. So it is suitable for any age or stage of your career and is geared around getting the results you want from your business. As this programme focuses on your bespoke plan and achieving your own specific goals it doesn't matter where you are in the journey but you must have an established business at least be in the early stages of growing your business to benefit from this level of programme. 

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