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Dedicated strategy & training session to find out more about digital marketing & social media marketing for increased business profits!



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In-House Training tailored for your exact business needs

Don’t get left behind in the digital economy!

internet marketing strategy course

We live, work and consume in the digital age.

Yet 50% of companies don’t have a digital marketing strategy and many don’t have the right talent.

Think you’ve got digital marketing covered?

Maybe using an agency, or employ someone who works on videos, emails and social media.

But if this isn’t part of a planned, integrated approach mapped to your customer journey, you’ll be wasting time and losing out on sales.

Why invest in training?

Professionally trained marketers can achieve:

  • 44% increase in web traffic through effective blogging and content marketing
  • 60% increase in web sales conversion with a responsive and high converting website
  • 40% increase in sales leads, through improved management and digital lead funnels

Why invest in digital marketing?

There are many talented marketers and business leaders who simply aren’t investing time and budget to develop digital marketing skills, knowledge and capacity. The temptation is to hire someone who ‘does social media’ or outsource your content production, SEO or PPC.

Dawn McGruer

Dawn McGruer

Our mission and vision

Dawn McGruer MCIM FRSA MIoD Director Business Consort – Digital & Social Media Academy (CIM study centre of excellence)

Whether you’re just starting out in digital marketing, a senior level marketer or CEO, training from Business Consort ensures you gain the right knowledge, strategy, planning, tactics and tools. Our CIM accredited training programmes can be studied online, face-to-face or through in company training.

But without that strategic oversight, purpose and a genuinely integrated approach to your marketing and sales, your business will lose out.

Latest Insights 

  • 82% of prospects can be reached via social media (InsideView)
  • Over 70% of B2B decision makers use social media to help them decide (Dell)
  • Digital Marketing spend is forecast to reach £240 billion pounds worldwide by 2020 (Forrester)

Our CIM accredited courses are designed for sales, marketing and leadership teams who are serious about successful marketing. Our in-company training ensures all your team benefit from increased strategic and tactical skills covering the key digital components required in business today.

In-House Training Days

All of our courses can be adapted for in-house provision (we tailor the course to your exact business objectives and supply all course materials, notes & unlimited after-course support)

Our course fees to attend open courses in London and Manchester range from £249 + VAT for half-day masterclasses to around £549 to £1249 + VAT for full-day courses so if you are looking to train over 6 delegates then save on travel costs as we will deliver the training at your own premises PLUS we will tailor it to your exact business goals and team learning objectives. See all courses you can choose from here…

  • Half-Day (3hrs) Only £199 + VAT per delegate (Normally £299 + VAT) – Min 6 delegates
  • Full-Day (6hrs) Only £399 + VAT per delegate (Normally £599 + VAT) – Min 6 delegates

Strategy & Planning Sessions

Need digital, social media or content marketing training or strategy planning for your team or business? Then we can host a half-day or full day session with your team to cover your digital marketing audit and planning which are simply charged at the minimum 6 delegate rate but we need a full-day for these sessions so it would be £2394 + VAT which is only £399 per delegate for minimum 6 attendee rate (normally charged at £599 + VAT per delegate for 6 = £3594 – SAVE £1200).

These are great for developing strategy and planning campaigns – our consultant and trainer will audit the business in advance and present ideas based on proven strategies and techniques to enhance your online visibility, web traffic, lead generation and sales conversion. We will look at every area of your business and digital marketing to ensure you reap the maximum return on investment. We find that when outsourcing to agencies often it is unclear whether the results reflect the potential for the money paid so we strip this back and provide a clear overview of whats working and whats not – and how to improve your digital marketing ROI!

These sessions are designed to provide a combination of training and strategy planning as most businesses have a social media presence but lack a clear strategy to take their efforts to the next level and start turning their social networks into paying customers through lead generation.

  • Full- Day Strategy & Planning Session (6hrs) Only £2394 + VAT (Normally £3594 + VAT)


For on-the-job learning, professional development, ongoing strategy or consultancy our online POWER HOURS are the perfect choice

  • Power Hour (60mins) Only £149 + VAT per delegate (Normally £349 + VAT)
  • Power Hour Bundle (6 x 60mins) SAVE 10% Only £804.60 per delegate (Normally £2094 + VAT)

Fast Track 2-Day Courses

Get your team fully qualified – Teams can attend 2-day fast track courses and choose to upgrade to also study the Diplomas in Digital Marketing – 2 study options;

  • 2-Day Fast Track Digital Marketing Only £749 + VAT per delegate (Normally £1749 + VAT) – Min 4 delegates  – Just add £100 per delegate to upgrade to diploma
  • Fast Track Online Distance Learning for teams who want to learn through our interactive and fully supported distance learning option Only £749 + VAT per delegate 

How can I book a session or request a proposal?

For more information on our training and strategy session call us on 0800 334 5784 or email us. For full details of what we offer View Course Prospectus & Brochure

The importance of Digital Marketing

Take a look at our 10 minute tips video for Growing your business online and the importance of digital marketing strategy.


How are the sessions tailored to our needs?

Through a brief planning call we discover the overall goals and business objectives for the business and start identifying the specific objectives for the businesses digital and social media objectives.

What is the format for the training & strategy days?

For strategy days we start of with performing a digital marketing audit of your business to highlight any gaps and areas for improvement as well as reviewing any areas that are performing well.

We look at your businesses online presence, tools, channels and resources available and using the information from our audit we will design a strategy and training session to outline your current situation – we will also review this against your competitors and we will present all of the options available to your business and discuss through the interactive session.

The best bit is we will use case studies and practical examples to highlight how these strategies can be applied to your business and we will also explain exactly how to implement them and what is involved so you can cherry pick the best fit options from the selection we provide you as sometimes often the biggest stumbling block for businesses creating a strategy is lack of knowledge of what is possible or available.

Dawn’s vast experience of digital marketing concepts, techniques and tools will be the most valuable aspect of your session as with over 15 years experience in helping businesses excel in their internet marketing efforts plus she is also Business Consort’s head tutor for the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing which means she is at the forefront of trends and future developments in the digital marketing arena.

The training and strategy days will really dig deep into the core of the business and are guaranteed to raise some thought-provoking ideas and issues along the way.

The sessions need two-way communication to really brainstorm between your consultant and your key business leaders the absolute best strategy that will work for your business set-up.

The next step is to formulate the strategy but any strategy is only as good as the specific actions required to carry it out – We will help create a comprehensive plan for your business that you can take away with the full knowledge that you know what needs to be done to implement and manage it.

What can the sessions cover?

The sessions can be interactive training courses or a combination of training with a view to creating a strategy – It is entirely up to you!

We can cover any aspect or area of internet marketing but here are a few of the most recent topics we are asked to include in our sessions;

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Search marketing – Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Types of online advertising
  • E-mail marketing
  • MailChimp
  • Viral marketing
  • Online PR
  • WordPress
  • Website optimisation / management / build /design
  • Ecommerce
  • Blogging
  • Content marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media
  • Strategy creation
  • Digital marketing planning
  • Digital metrics & monitoring tools
  • Digital processes – Choosing an agency / outsourcing /CRM / Digital Tools / Automation software etc
  • Regulation, social media governance and online codes of practice

PLEASE NOTE: Our trainers cover most areas of business related skills training from customer services to presenting etc.

How will these sessions help our business?

When a business looks to develop their online presence the biggest obstacle is developing and implementing a strategy – We do all the hard work and research and present a full review of your current position, quick fixes, longer term actions but best of all you leave with a firm action plan.

We will show you the most effective and proven digital strategies and channels for your business supported with case studies and business models to develop your business and most importantly show you how to implement them. Dawn will also give you an end-to-end view of the benefits as well as any risks associated with any of these areas too.

Simply send us your learning objectives and we will tailor your training course to your exact needs.

You can ask any questions you like in the privacy of your own dedicated training session.

Business Consort is an accredited Chartered Institute of Marketing study centre so you can be assured that every aspect of the service we deliver will aim to exceed expectations and that our knowledge will be second to none in the digital arena.

Once you place your booking we require payment in advance of the session and before we commence any work required to create the bespoke session. The session can be carried out at a date and time to suit you. Your consultant Dawn McGruer will then schedule a planning call to get a full overview of your requirements and your business.

Who will design and host your training or strategy session?

Dawn McGruer MCIM FRSA MIoD – Your own dedicated digital & social media marketing consultant 

This training course will be hosted by Dawn McGruer FRSA. Dawn is a strategic digital & social media marketing trainer, practitioner, consultant, author and blogger who has over 15 years experience in the digital marketing arena.

She is also the Director of Business Consort which was established in 2005 and has developed  it into one of the world leading training organisations which is accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

With over 4 million subscribers Dawn has become a key influencer in this area and provides Social Media and Digital Marketing Training Courses including the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

She has trained 1000’s or organisations including some of the world’s largest Global brands across most industries.

Dawn has also just been invited to become a Fellow of the RSA – The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce founded in 1754.

This invite comes as recognition of her expertise in the field of social media marketing and her work to raise awareness of the advantages of social media to business owners.

Where they carried out?

These sessions are carried out face-to-face at our either our offices or at your own premises with your course trainer Dawn McGruer FRSA.  POWER HOUR sessions are hosted online.

What happens after the session?

We can offer further support after these sessions and this be can be built into a tailor made package for you as some businesses wish an ongoing support to ensure the successful delivery of the strategy as well as supporting additional learning – Simply ask about on-going support when you book your session or request a proposal. Our online power hours are great to support course attendance or after strategy and training days to monitor progress and drive your digital marketing forward through regular (weekly or monthly)team sessions which are recorded to refer back to after the sessions.

what have other businesses said about the sessions?


 Sarah Campbell – Marketing Manager – The course was completely bespoke to us. I felt it was well researched and the course content was very useful and I have come away having learnt a lot. I would definitely recommend Business Consort and will hopefully be booking either myself or a colleague on a course in the near future. Overall the course was 10 /10 – Dawn is a great trainer she covered a lot in the course and she has done a huge amount of in-depth research into what we are trying to achieve. She understood our position and articulated the course content in a way where I feel confident in getting new improved ways of working in place straight away. Read more reviews…

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Additional information

Half or Full Day Session

Half-Day (3 hrs) for 6 delegates, Full-Day (6 hrs) for 6 delegates, Strategy & Planning Full-Day (6 hrs), Online Power Hour (60mins), Power Hour Bundle (6 x 60mins – SAVE 10%), 2-Day Fast Track Course x 4, 2-Day Fast Track Course x 4 (+diploma)

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