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Ultimate Social Media Marketing Course Manchester (3-Day)


3-Day Ultimate Social Media Marketing Course

Only £1249 + VAT 

– Upgrade to study the Digital Marketing Institute Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing online for only £300! 


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3-Day Face-to-Face Ultimate Social Media Marketing Training Course

Our fast track social media marketing course for business hosted in Manchester is ONLY £1249 + VAT

Option to upgrade to the Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing for £300 = £1549 + VAT! 



3-day intensive course – Includes certification as the course is accredited by The Digital Marketing Institute, course materials, unlimited after course support, all refreshments and lunch on both days.

We offer all delegates the option when booking their place on the 3-day face-to-face social media marketing course the opportunity to achieve this professional, worldwide recognised qualification by simply upgrading to progress onto studying the diploma through our online learning community at an extra cost of £300*

Watch the video from our Head Trainer & Founder to learn about our social media courses, what they cover and who they are for to help you choose the right course for you!

This course covers absolutely all aspects of social media marketing that would be required in any sales, marketing or business development role in today’s business world!

It is ideal for current digital marketers to take their knowledge to the next step and is ideal for those already involved in digital marketing in the commercial sense.

Who should attend?

The course will suit anyone who is involved in social media marketing, either in-house or agency side. It is ideal for those who are comfortable with using social media but need to develop a more strategic approach to increase the results from their efforts.

Learn how Business Consort’s Social Media Courses helped Alejandro develop his brand and business to increase online visibility and social media presence

Who is the course for? This course is designed for those wanting to work in marketing or marketing professionals who want to specialise knowledge & understanding of what digital marketing is & how it relates to the marketing industry & turn that knowledge into successful marketing strategies.

Course Level:  Suitable for all levels

No matter what your role in the company you will benefit from gaining insight into today’s digital arena. 

Upon completing the 3-day course you will be at a masterclass level which means you could practically implement anything you have learned in a commercial role whereby social media marketing is required.

If you decide to upgrade to follow on to study the DMI Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing you will achieve first level degree level (level 5 equivalent) as an accomplished social media marketer who could implement, run and manage a social media marketing team and run any complexity of online social media marketing campaigns at a senior level. View the Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing 2017 Brochure & Syllabus…

You will have the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge to understand the fundamental planning concepts for an online social campaign as well as key factors in implementation, measurement and evaluation of successful campaigns.


Digital marketing has evolved from a peripheral element of organisational marketing to one which is at the hub of customer-centric communications in an increasingly multi-channel environment. Our qualification will ensure you are equipped to deal with this shift and make the most of the new business opportunities to offer. In addition, you will understand be able to apply the tactics needed to create, run and measure a customer-centric social media strategy.

Implementing our social media strategy can increase your social network by 100% and engagement by 100%

By creating social media strategy you can then control and manage your time more effectively and in turn get more from your social media marketing.

What will the course cover? There are 11 modules in this 3-Day Course:

    1. Social Media Marketing & Current Social Landscape
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter
    4. LinkedIn
    5. All other relevant social networks
    6. YouTube
    7. Content Creation
    8. Content Outreach
    9. Future Trends
    10. Social Media Strategy & Planning
    11. Video marketing
Getting the best from social media platforms and using all of the hidden features, benefiting from consumer behaviour & getting your social media working
You will learn – This section is very much about the practical use of social media networks and building a strategy to grow networks and engage audiences.

Module Descriptions:

Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing module introduces professionals to the key principles and channels in social media marketing. You will gain an overview of how to develop a cohesive and effective social media marketing strategy encompassing them.


The Facebook module provides you with a comprehensive understanding of how Facebook can be used most effectively as a platform for community building, brand promotion and content marketing. You will learn how to build a Facebook specific strategy and how to measure it accordingly.


This module dissects how Twitter operates and the potential value it presents as a promotional and marketing platform. By the end of this module you be able to build a Twitter profile for your business and understand how to build your following whilst incorporating targeting specifics.


The LinkedIn module gives you a comprehensive overview of the benefits of using the platform for marketing purposes. You will learn LinkedIn-specific features which will help you to facilitate campaign objectives.

Other relevant social networks – Pinterest, Instagram, Google+

Upon completion of this module you will gain understanding of the benefits of incorporating Instagram & Pinterest into your social media marketing strategy as well as how to establish both a personal and business Google+ page. You will also know how to leverage platform-specific features to push your brand. The importance of Google Analytics is also illustrated within this module.


The YouTube module provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of how YouTube works as content sharing platform. You will learn how to use the platform for a call-to-action and how it can be incorporated into a wider marketing strategy.

Social Media & Advertising Campaigns – The strategy behind getting your advertising down to 1p per conversion

Future Trends

This module examines the latest trends in social media and explores new platforms on which you could share your content.

Foundation Strategy & Planning – The Strategy and Planning module is the cornerstone module of the program. It ties together the previous modules and introduces the methodology to planning and implementing a social media strategy.

Day – 2

You will learn – The second section of the course covers the practical implementation, management of what you have learnt on day 1 and is hosted as an interactive Creative workshop

Advanced Strategy & Planning – The next part of the Strategy and Planning module is the the advanced section of the course which focuses on growth, engagement and lead generation. It focuses on more advanced techniques and methodology to planning and implementing an integrated social media and digital marketing strategy.

  • How to create a social media strategy using our planning template
  • How to perform and record results of your social media marketing audit (including competitor analysis)
  • Measuring and montoring – social listening and social media management tools
  • Using social campaign results to improve lead generation and conversion going forward
  • Linking social analytics to multi-channel including web behaviour

Content Creation 

This module introduces you to the concept of engaging and acquiring customers through the creation and sharing of media content. You will understand the value of social amplification and what makes content shareable within networks.

Content Outreach 

The Content outreach module introduces you to the concept of content seeding and how to use content effectively through social platforms to achieve maximum results from it. You will also understand paid promotion and its value.

Social Media & Advertising Campaigns are a large section of this module. Social Media & Advertising Campaigns – The practical implementation plan, demo and case studies behind getting your advertising down to 1p per conversion

Content Creative;

  • How to create engaging content such as: photos, images, infographics, animated presentations yourself!!!!
  • Designing high impact social media profiles and pages
  • Creating Ad campaigns
  • Create landing pages that convert to leads
  • Case studies and proven strategies to inspire!


The third section of the course covers video marketing from actual filming to optimsing for online viral marketing

You will learn;

  1.  We’ll be guiding you through the process on how to create effective video content.
  2. We’ll take you through some simple hacks to produce valuable content quickly and simply.
  3. We’ll also look at how video marketing can work within your marketing process and your sales process in order to maximise ROI.
  4. Video marketing techniques and how to use videos effectively for your business
  5. How you can create films yourself.
  6. How to optimise and repurpose videos for social media platforms.


• What kit is required for a successful shoot
• Planning and storyboarding your shoot
• Video theory and technology basics

Phone Setup
• Difference between phone operating systems
• Using 3rd party applications to improve your shooting

Shooting basics
• Working with manual video settings
• ISO and shutter speed explained
• Setting a custom white balance
• Setting a fixed focus point

Getting Good Sound
• The advantages of a plug in microphone
• Controlling your sounds environment
• Positioning your microphone

Lighting your shots
• How to use natural light
• Basics of three point lighting
• Using light to create contrast
• The benefits of using a reflector

Shots and composition of an interview
• Framing basics
• Positioning your interviewee
• Looking or not looking at the camera
• Shooting reverses, noddies and pieces to camera
• How to shoot for easier editing

This fast track and extremely intensive course is the perfect platform to go onto attain one of the most in demand qualification by employers which is the DMI accredited digital qualifications such as the DMI Specialist Diploma in Social Media. View Brochure & Syllabus…

Where is the course venue? Manchester City Centre

Business Consort, Lowry House, 17 Marble St, Manchester M2 3AW

Situated in the heart of Manchester’s business district between King Street and Market Street – Off Spring Street a short walk from Piccadilly Station


Hotels nearby: Our venue is on Marble Street which is in the centre near Primark and Piccadilly Gardens and we think MotelOne near Picadilly station is a great location and extremely well priced so there are lots of hotel nearby including Travelodge, Premer Inn etc – view map

What’s included? All course materials and refreshments and lunch PLUS unlimited after-course support.

Accreditation for CPD hours – This course has been accredited for CPD hours within the Chartered CPD Programme by the Chartered Institute of Marketing. You will receive a certificate after completing the course, which can be used as evidence for your CPD record card.

We offer all delegates the option when booking their place on the 2-day face-to-face digital marketing course the opportunity to achieve this professional, worldwide recognised qualification by simply upgrading to progress onto studying the diploma through our online learning community at an extra cost of £100*.

All attendees will receive a certificate to state they have achieved Business Consort’s masterclass level of digital marketing which is the next step up from our advanced digital marketing course and those wishing to take their expertise to the next level can continue to study through our online learning community to achieve the DMI Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing which is recognised at level 5 (equivalent to first year degree).

Studying the online DMI Specialist Diploma in Social Media – Takes 30 hours to complete after attending the intensive 2-day fast track digital marketing course!

Upon successful completion of a 3-hour Pearson VUE computer-based examination you will be awarded one of the world’s most widely recognised digital marketing certification.  You’ll also gain an internationally recognised badge to display proudly on your LinkedIn profile.

Certified Digital Marketing Specialist in Social Media Social media has grown to become one of the primary communication channels online and is now an integral component of a successful digital marketing strategy.

* If you wish to upgrade to study the DMI Specialist Diploma in Social Media Marketing in addition to attending the 2-day fast track intensive course then all tuition, support and online course modules are included with the £100 + VAT upgrade fee but you will need to pay for the exam in order to complete the qualification – £140 which is paid direct to Pearson Vue exam centre of which full details will be included in your welcome email. As soon as you book your place and if you have chosen the upgrade version you will receive your welcome email to the diploma with next steps as well as login details to access the online learning community which contains the syllabus and assignments. 

There are no exams required to be undertaken to achieve the diploma but the qualification comprises the following three units & you will need to complete a written assessment after each module:

Business Consort – The Social Media Academy is an Accredited Study Centre & the Diploma in Digital Marketing will provide you with CPD hours within The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Chartered CPD Programme. You will receive a certificate after course completion.

 Course Trainer Dawn McGruer MCIM FRSA MIoDDawn is a strategic digital & social media marketing trainer, practitioner, consultant, author and blogger who has over 20 years experience in the digital marketing arena.

She is also the Director of Business Consort which was established in 2005 and has developed  it into one of the world leading training organisations which is accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

With over 5 million subscribers Dawn has become a key influencer in this area and provides Social Media and Digital Marketing Training Courses including the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.

She has trained 1000’s or organisations including some of the world’s largest Global brands across most industries.

Dawn has also just been invited to become a Fellow of the RSA – The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce founded in 1754.

This invite comes as recognition of her expertise in the field of social media marketing and her work to raise awareness of the advantages of social media to business owners.

Please bring laptops and your log in details for the social networks on the day as the course is interactive.

Additional information


EARLY BIRD 30th Jan-1st Feb 2018 10am-4pm (3-Day), EARLY BIRD 30th Jan-1st Feb 2018 10am-4pm (+diploma), 30th Jan-1st Feb 2018 10am-4pm (3-Day), 30th Jan-1st Feb 2018 10am-4pm (+diploma), EARLY BIRD 15th-17th May 2018 10am-4pm (3-Day), EARLY BIRD 15th-17th May 2018 10am-4pm (+diploma), 15th-17th May 2018 10am-4pm (3-Day), 15th-17th May 2018 10am-4pm (+diploma), EARLY BIRD 11th-13th Sept 2018 10am-4pm (3-Day), EARLY BIRD 11th-13th Sept 2018 10am-4pm (+diploma), 11th-13th Sept 2018 10am-4pm (3-Day), 11th-13th Sept 10am-4pm (+diploma), EARLY BIRD 6th-8th Nov 2018 10am-4pm (3-Day), EARLY BIRD 6th-8th Nov 10am-4pm (+diploma), 6th-8th Nov 2018 10am-4pm (3-Day), 6th-8th Nov 10am-4pm (+diploma), 29th-31st Jan 2019 10am-4pm (3-Day), 29th-31st Jan 10am-4pm (+diploma), 14th-16th May 2019 10am-4pm (3-Day), 14th-16th May 2019 10am-4pm (+diploma), 8th-10th Oct 2019 10am-4pm (3-Day), 8th-10th Oct 2019 10am-4pm (+diploma)

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