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LinkedIn Tips for Business – Why you need to make the most of LinkedIn

Since the first business social network launched back in 2002 when Co-Founder Reid Hoffman created LinkedIn from his living room users have really struggled to get the most from a tool that can be tremendously powerful.

I recently wrote an article for Forbes ‘Making the Most of LinkedIn' which has had over 6,000 views to date and still growing…it encompasses my latest tips to really get the best from LinkedIn as a social platform.

As a business we have been pro-active in the use of social media since the beginning due to the nature of our business but I can see how many people are still struggling with LinkedIn. It is definitely my platform of choice and we get about 80% of our business through LinkedIn for speaking, consultancy and strategy development.

I think the reason many people haven't bonded with this platform is the layout doesn't lend itself to easy use and perhaps over complicates the platform.

Benefits of using LinkedIn 

  • Recruiters and Human Resources professionals are on LinkedIn and also has extensive job listings so perfect for recruiting talent and finding job opportunities.
  • Receive (and give) endorsements and testimonials.
  • Make important business connections and join professional groups that include like‐minded people.
  • Establish your expertise by using the LinkedIn content platform and read news from your connections.
  • Research other businesses and competitors

These are just a few of the options you have in terms of using LinkedIn to increase you online visibility, establish yourself as an expert in your own field and ultimately generate leads.

What does LinkedIn mean to you?

Do you see it as a vast network with infinite opportunity or the place where up-to-date resumes go to die?

If it’s the latter, I would suggest that you’re missing a trick. Ranked in the top 1% of users on the site, she has seen the powerful effects that an active and engaged profile can have on your personal brand or business.

Despite being professionals, I’d hazard a guess that not many of us spend much time thinking about our LinkedIn profiles. They’re often something people keep because they feel they “have to” rather than because they see real value in them but, the truth is, it offers a wealth of opportunity.

Engaging on the platform regularly can have a significant positive impact on your career: an Adweek article from 2015 reported that 87% of recruiters turn to LinkedIn to find new talent.

The platform has had something of a renaissance in recent years. Where once it was seen as a place to simply connect with your professional peers, it’s become a social media outlet in its own right.

Two new members join the platform each second and the platform grew from 467 million users in the third quarter of 2016 to 590 million by the end of 2018.

Even entrepreneur, author and speaker Gary Vaynerchuk recently said he was “obsessed” with it thanks to its “organic reach.”

Learning to use LinkedIn effectively is the key to building a robust network that brings in consistent revenue:

I stay in the top 1% by being a ‘social’ networker and proactively growing my network, contributing meaningfully to conversations and interacting with others as well as posting content I feel will add value. I focus on building rapport and relationships and becoming a thought leader in my industry, rather than simply selling. This is what has helped me build my network.

For many, there’s still something rather off-putting about the concept of selling one’s own brand, whereas the idea of engaging in a sincere way with a wider audience is a much more palatable line of action.

This is exactly the approach that I take.

Whether you’re a business owner, employee or leader, use these expert tips on using LinkedIn effectively are applicable across the board.

It’s one of the best-untapped resources for content and connections online, so if there was ever a time to get back on your profile, dust it off and give it a spring clean, this would be it.

I have been making the most of the platform for years and now rank consistently as the global number one profile in my industry. Having launched my company, Business Consort, at the age of 21 with a £5,000 Prince’s Trust loan, I have since trained over 25,000 professionals in digital marketing and gained 5 million social media subscribers by practicing what I preach.

My second book, Dynamic Digital Marketing, which offers tried and tested strategies on growing your following, successfully marketing your business and increasing your revenue, is due for release in October 2019.

Reed my 7 steps to LinkedIn Success on Forbes – Actionable tips, trends and insights that will help you make the most of LinkedIn


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Author – Dawn McGruer FRSA MCIM – Multi-Award-Winning Digital Marketing Speaker, Author & Trainer – Founder of Business Consort Digital Marketing & Social Media Academy.

Dawn’s Bio

  • Dawn is the founder of Business Consort – Digital & Social Media Academy which boasts an alumni of 25,000 trained and certified professionals worldwide.
  • She is an award winning digital marketing speaker (Best Female Speaker), author and trainer who has become a key influencer in the world of digital over the past 20 years having amassed over 5 million subscribers and is Ranked in the top 1% on LinkedIn in her industry (45,000 strong LinkedIn network) LinkedIn Profile
  • In addition, she also was shortlisted for the CIM Marketing Excellence Award ‘Marketer of the Year’.
  • She has signed an amazing publishing contract with Wiley for her second book due to be released in Autumn 2019 and continues to be invited to speak on stages across the world to share her digital marketing knowledge. The book is based around her Award-Winning Solution Framework which is the Digital Model she teaches at the Academy.
  • She was also invited as a lifetime Fellow of the RSA – The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce in recognition of her expertise in the field of social media marketing and her work to raise awareness of the advantages of social media to business owners.
  • She is also a highly regarded judge for the annual Digital Experience Awards (DXA Awards).
  • Her vast marketing skills and experience as a senior marketer has been recognised as she has been awarded a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Lifetime Fellowship which is an extremely high accolade to achieve.
  • Dawn hosts a weekly podcast ‘The Dynamic Digital Marketing Show’ and also has a 30 episode series ‘Digital Marketing Made Easy’ both available in iTunes


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How To Digital Campaign

Digital Marketing is at the forefront of every business and is only set to become more and more central to every marketing plan worldwide with content marketing spends increasing exponentially across businesses.

Our Director Dawn McGruer will be bring you a series of How To Digital Marketing Tips over the months of July and August

Dawn is an award winning digital marketing trainer, practitioner, consultant, author and speaker who has become a key influencer in the world of digital over the past 20 years having amassed over 5 million subscribers and a 45,000 strong LinkedIn network.

She is the Founder of Business Consort which is accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing and was established in 2005. The academy has developed it into a world leading training organisation having trained & certified over 20,000 students to date.

She has over 10 commendations from the CIM for outstanding results achieved by her students achieving worldwide recognised qualifications such as the CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing. In addition, she also was shortlisted for the CIM Marketing Excellence Award ‘Marketer of the Year’ earlier this year.

Dawn has trained 1000’s or organisations including some of the world’s largest Global brands across most industries and was invited as a lifetime Fellow of the RSA – The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce founded in 1754. This invite comes as recognition of her expertise in the field of social media marketing and her work to raise awareness of the advantages of social media to business owners.

– Did you know ‘How To' is one of the most searched terms in Google for every industry and sector?

We've carefully selected the most searched terms and matched content for demand and we'll be sharing some amazing tips to revolutionise your digital marketing over the next couple of months.

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Shortlisted for the prestigious title of Marketer of the Year in the 2017 CIM Northern Awards

Our Director Dawn McGruer MCIM FRSA MIoD has made it through the awards selection process and has been nominated as a Finalist in the CIM Northern Awards 2017 for ‘Marketer of The Year' which is another outstanding achievement she can celebrate in 2017.

Our Head Trainer & Founder – Dawn McGruer FRSA MCIM MIoD

Dawn has a wealth of knowledge from digital tools to proven strategies and has worked both with clients and delegates over 17 years to assist in getting the best return on investment from their marketing efforts.

There are Six marketers shortlisted for CIM Northern Awards 

  • Four Yorkshire marketers shortlisted for the CIM Northern Awards
  • Two North West marketers shortlisted for the CIM Northern Awards 

Dawn is one of six marketers who have been shortlisted for the prestigious title of Marketer of the Year in the 2017 CIM Northern Awards, sponsored by The Marketing Trust.

The CIM Northern Awards, now in its third year, celebrates the insight, creativity and success of the Northern marketing industry, the outstanding campaigns and the talent from across the region. There are 17 award categories, 13 of which are open to entries, and the evening event will once again be hosted by TV’s Andy Crane.

Diane Earles, Network Manager for CIM, said “The shortlist is an impressive who’s who of the marketing talent in the North of England.”

The shortlist is as follows:

  1. Phil Batty, Director of Public Engagement and Legacy at Hull UK City of Culture 2017
  2. Nigel Hunter, Marketing & Customer Director at Victoriaplum.com
  3. Richard Kenyon, Director of Marketing and Communications at Everton Football Club
  4. Theresa Lindsay, Head of Corporate Marketing at Hitachi
  5. Chris Cotterill, Head of Marketing at Plusnet
  6. Dawn McGruer, Founder of Business Consort

The winner will be announced by judge, Steve Antoniewicz, Managing Director of Recommended Agency Register, at the awards ceremony in Manchester on Thursday 09 November.

Full details of the shortlist and the event are available at http://www.cim.co.uk/events/northern-awards-2017/


Meet our Trainer Dawn McGruer – Greater Manchester Business Week Interview

See latest interview with Greater Manchester Business Week

Course Trainer Dawn McGruer MCIM FRSA MIoD

Business Consort welcome their 20,000th student this month

Outsourcing Milestones and Escrows

If you want to get the best people working for you, you simply cannot ignore milestones and escrows. Milestones are especially important when you are working on huge projects and want people to give you their deliverables in smaller installments so that you could manage work at your end as well. And we have already seen how escrows are important.

Some websites, like eLance in particular, help you to state the form in which you want your deliverables. You could actually set up milestones for the whole project. Among other benefits, this ensures that your employee can manage the deadline in a much better manner. You can also keep tabs on things better.

It is ideal anyway to post only short-term projects at the start, until you have a rapport set up with the worker. Even though everything might seem all right to you in the bid, there are chances that something might go wrong when the actual project is underway. If you have a long project running, it could be cumbersome to bail out of these difficult situations. However, a short-term project can help.

On GetAFreelancer, the shortest project you can post should be worth $30. However, on most other sites, there is no minimum limit for the project you post.

The best way to make the payment is through an escrow system. Most jobsites work with escrows (which is actually the main reason why you should use these freelance jobsites because an escrow protects both parties). When you select a bidder, you deposit some money into an escrow account. This money is held by the website but not released to the bidder yet. When they accomplish the task, you can direct the website to release the funds to them.

Escrow helps you because in case there is any problem with the project later on and you don't feel like you should pay, you could ask the website to arbitrate. No freelance website will arbitrate if an escrow wasn't made. Also, the worker knows that you have money for the project and it motivates them to do a better job.

Catchphrases That Should Die

There are a lot of people making money online. There are also a lot of people who want to teach other people how to make money. That means a lot of money making products and lessons. These can definitely be valuable, but as someone who has been bombarded by offers I have come to hate a couple widely used terms.

These terms must work because the big names use them. Money is being made by people who use these terms so who am I to hate them? Well, I think there is room for more transparent and honest online marketing. The first step for me is to not use the following terms:

1. Guru – There is already a growing resentment to this word in the online marketing community. I think it comes down to over saturation. Everyone is now a “guru”. Oh they may not have results, and they might be new to the field but hey, they are a Guru so they must be good!

I was contacted by a man who was new to online marketing. he wanted a WordPress website built. One of his specific requests was to have Guru in his header. I did it no problem, but I have to admit that I found it rather hilarious. This guy was new to online marketing, was into like seven MLMs and was making no money. What exactly is he going to teach anyone? Wait a second, who am I to question a Guru! It is in his header after all – must be true.

If someone is claiming to be a Guru do your research – and if you are going to buy something off a “Guru” ask them about their results. There are some truly knowledgeable “Gurus” out there – but be aware that anyone can call themselves a Guru and at the end of the day it means nothing.

2. No Brainer – I hate when someone tells me their service or product is a no brainer. Unless I am handing you $1000 and you instantly hand me back $1500 then I can't envision any deal being a “no brainer”. It is almost offensive in a way too. Do I look like some rube who is buying snake oil off the back of a van? Do you really expect me to not think about my forthcoming purchase? Oh it is a no brainer? Give me seven!

I am not the type of person who tosses my money at a product without doing research. I would suggest anyone looking at online marketing programs do the same. I have seen a lot of product launches come and go over the years and I can say without a doubt there has never been a “no brainer” product.

3. Newbie – This word is a bit different than the others on the list. It is different because I know it works and is effective. New people love to see this word and it makes them feel like “Hey I'm new I can do this!”. The reason it bothers me is purely saturation. Everyone has their newbie product. Overkill.

I will take it easy on this word because I understand it's power. But in general – UGH. To me it is a warning sign that someone might be trying to take advantage of people new to the industry.

These words are never going to disappear from internet marketing. They worked at one time and probably still do. Even if they aren't nearly as effective as they once were, people will still use them because people like to follow. That may seem harsh but anytime something has worked online it is almost always ran into the ground. If you are like me and can't stand these words you better learn to live with them.

If you are using these words and not making money then maybe you should change it up. Try transparent and honest..I heard that sometimes works.

Your Printer Is Your Partner

Customers love to help themselves. They can get what they want when they want them not when someone else is ready to serve them. This is where e-business can really make a difference, by extending your existing customer service systems over the Web. Web-based or online service allows your customers to find out what they need at the touch of a button, anytime of the day or night. Whether its actual transactions or account details, they will appreciate a better level of service, making it easier for them to do business with you. All within a secure web environment.

But as a customer you are probably wondering why it is better to opt for online printing than the traditional printing service. Well for one, online printing service allows you to produce and order documents with just a few clicks of the mouse. The web-based printing company will receive your order, print them and ship them right at the comfort of your home. The efficiency, convenience and ease that are offered by online printing can present a lot of benefits to you. When you are looking for the lowest price for your print job, all you have to do is do some comparison shopping until you see the lowest bid. You need not write bid letters to find the vendor that best cater to your printing needs.

Say for example you have a poster that needs to be printed as soon as possible and in huge quantity. After surfing through the net you find this site that offered you an incredibly low price. Great! Not only will you save money but you will also be able to track the progress of your print job without the hassle of missing phone calls from the sales person. And you also have the advantage of having several choices in layout, ink, paper and typefaces when you are having trouble with your design.

But as they say there are always two sides in a coin, if there is a yin there's always a yang. So even if online printing has its benefits, of course it has its downsides. First off, going online for your printing needs necessitates you to do it ahead if time. If you need your poster printed by next month you have to start that online search as early as today. Remember that delivery and printing may take a few days so do it ahead of time. Additionally, there is lack of personal interaction with the vendor and lack of control over the job when you go for online printing. The Internet is your only way to track the progress of your print job. So you need to have lots and lots of faith to your printer. When you are able to trust your printer, you will have less worry of not getting your print job the way you want them to be.

Nevertheless, modern technology has brought a lot of options when it comes to print jobs. Online printing has offered customers and printers alike a brand new way of doing business. That is why; sometimes the best service is no service.

Writing Free Ebooks – Tips and Tricks

Writing a free ebook is a great way to sell more affiliate products. The ebook can work for you in two different ways and I encourage you to use both methods in each free ebook you write.

The first way is to promote affiliate links directly in your ebook where appropriate. You can casually mention a product in the body of a particular chapter, review a product as part of your ebook, or add an “Additional Resources” section to the end of the book.

The second way is to link to your content site from your ebook. You can offer additional information on the site or link to a review page. By sending your readers to your website you get the chance to expose them to additional affiliate products and have the opportunity to get them on your newsletter list.

Let's take a look at how you can get started on your first ebook.

Find a topic that you are fairly knowledgeable about and come up with an overall theme for the book. What are people looking for on the particular topic? For example, parents of infants will be interested in tips and strategies to get their baby to sleep through the night. A mom looking for a work at home job may be interested in how to spot a work at home scam and where to look for legitimate jobs.

Come up with an outline, or group some related articles you have written on a particular topic. Now all you have to do is flesh it out a little bit and of course incorporate your affiliate links.

An ebook typically consists of at least 25 pages. That may sound like a lot, but you should keep your font size fairly large to make it easier to read on a computer screen.

Let's talk about format for a moment. You can purchase software to create an ebook, or you can make it a PDF document. PDF documents will work on just about any computer and people are comfortable downloading them.

I usually write my ebooks in Microsoft Word, format it in there, add any pictures or graphics and then turn it into a PFD. You can either do this with Microsoft Acrobat, or use one of the free PDF creation services on the web.

Your next step will be to get the ebook circulating. After all you are not going to make any affiliate sales if no one reads your book. You can offer it as a free download on your site or give it away as a bonus for subscribing to your newsletter. I also like to add a note in the footer of each page that the reader is welcome to pass the book along to others who might be interested in the topic.

Offer the ebook as a free giveaway to other website owners and post it on the free ebook directories. Then sit back and watch the book do the work for you. After a few weeks you should see the affiliate sales come in. Time to move on to another book.

No Cost Autoresponders

If you've looked at the prices of autoresponders that are available online, you may have decided to search for and use a free autoresponder for your marketing needs. Using free autoresponders is acceptable in certain situations, and in the world of Internet marketing, any autoresponder is better than not using an autoresponder at all!

Your first option for a free autoresponder should be the one that comes with your webhosting account – if you have a webhosting account. These autoresponders can easily be set up through the control panel of your website, and they do not contain advertisements from the autoresponder company or webhosting service. If you do not have a hosting account, or your hosting account does not include autoresponders, there are other options that you can pursue.

There are many free autoresponder services to choose from. These services are free, because the company makes their money by placing a small advertisement in each message that your autoresponder sends out. These advertisements may appear at the top of your auto responses, or at the bottom, depending on which company you use.

Many paid autoresponder services offer a free version as well. These free versions may or may not include advertisements in the outgoing messages. These lighter versions of the paid autoresponders typically do not include many of the powerful features of the paid versions. But if you don't need the more advanced features, this is a great choice.

Most free autoresponders have a limit on the number of subscribers you can have. Many people start out with the limited free versions, and then upgrade to the paid versions once their lists are large enough to exceed those limits. Many marketers don't feel that the expense of the autoresponder is warranted until the list that they are building is turning a profit. From a business standpoint, this makes sense.

As the owner of a business, you are the only one who can decide whether you need a paid autoresponder service, or if a free one will do the job. If your list is small, a free autoresponder should do everything that you need it to do, but as your list grows, you should definitely consider upgrading. However, having the small advertisements that the free services place in the outgoing messages may present a problem if the ads compete with what you are trying to sell. They may even pose a problem if they do not directly compete with your product or business. Again, this depends on what you are trying to accomplish with your autoresponder.

Search Term Suggestion: A Vital Element To Your Success

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of your online business. Keywords will determine how many visitors you get, how much you will pay for those visitors (though in many cases it can be totally free) and how qualified those visitors are. To find the best keywords you need to use the best keyword search term suggestion tool.

There are many to choose from, but one of the best is completely free to use. Google has a keyword tool that provides you with several search parameters and it is free to use right online, you don't need to download anything.

Since Google is one of the big 3 search engines it's just common sense that they would know which search terms get searched for the most as well as other factors about how competitive they are.

Using their data and keyword tools can provide you with all the keyword information you need to make money online. There is a process to it though, learn the process first so you know the best way to do it.

When you start out online one very common (and very wrong) practice is to use the keywords that have a lot of monthly searches. By ‘a lot' I mean search terms that are getting into the hundreds of thousands of searches a month.

At first glance that seems like a good idea, doesn't it? Surely with hundreds of thousands of visitors to your site, you will be rich and retiring from your day job in no time.

But, not so fast. With those highly searched for keywords you will have so much competition that it's very unlikely that you will be able to compete at all. That means you probably won't get any traffic from those keywords.

A much better strategy is to find keywords that have fewer searches per month so you can rank well for them. Even if you have a list of a dozen or so keywords and each of them averages a few thousand searches a month. You can rank well for many of those terms, not just one.

Think of the traffic you would get if you had say 10 keywords that each got 1,500 searches a month and you were on page one, in the first or second spot for all ten of those keywords. That's a lot of visitors to your website.

If you add some of these keywords to your web pages you can rank high with the search engines. It's called search engine optimization and it is a much better investment than paying for traffic and always having to worry about what your bid prices will be.

There are many excellent tools you can use to pick out your keyword list. This process can get a little boring sometimes but it is crucial to your online success.

With so many search term suggestion tools available and many of them free, you can take some of the time and tedium out of the equation.