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Why Your Employees Need A Digital Marketing Diploma

Digital marketing incorporates some of the best ways to target and engage your audience. There are many different aspects to digital marketing; social media being one of the most important with users spending up to four hours daily on various platforms. However, there are also other digital marketing activities and elements to consider and the all important question – who manages your digital marketing endeavours.

Digital marketing is not an easy process. For every success story there is also a failure; these can cost businesses significantly.

Those companies who have a qualified digital marketing team are finding their online marketing activities highly successful and are achieving a high return on their investment. Getting the best digital marketing team does take time and each business needs a different digital marketing strategy. Employing someone new to manage your endeavours may provide benefits in the long term but it will take time for the results to be seen.

A more cost effective method could be to train a member of your current team in the principles and implementation of digital marketing. There are several benefits for this compared to hiring new employees. Here are some of the benefits you can expect for training your current employees as to hiring in someone new.

Cost Effectiveness

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Specialist is £37,500. If you were to hire in someone new for the company you can expect that their productivity would be less than 100% for the first 5-6 months. According to research, for the first three months their productivity could be less than 50%. This can be a significant drain on your financial resources.

Eric Koester of MyHighTechStart-Up estimates that the total costs of hiring a new employee is approximately one and half to three times the cost of their annual wage. Therefore, hiring a new Digital Marketing Specialist could be as high as £112,500.

Training a member of your current workforce is a significantly lower cost with diplomas costing less than £1,000. You’ll also benefit from your staff member having more productivity because they don’t have to go through the on-boarding process a new employee has to. However, there will be some productivity loss as they develop and get used to their new responsibilities.

You’ll also have a limited long term rise in costs; even if you offer your existing employee a pay rise.

Content Is Instantly In The Brand’s Voice

It takes time for a new employee to gain an understanding and appreciation for your brand’s voice. When they start working within your company it is likely the content they develop will lack the experience to portray your brand’s identity.

On the other hand; those who have been with your business for a long time understand the business’ personality intimately. Therefore, they are able to maintain the relationship with your audience better by producing a consistent brand message. This will build trust between you and your audience which is very important in digital marketing for processing new leads and converting them into paying customers.

Current Employees Know What Makes Your Customers Tick

Some of the most profitable online marketing avenues are blogs, social media and email. Creating content for these avenues is very easy; creating content your audience will want to engage with is very difficult.

Whatever method you use to attract your target audience you are likely to rely on keywords and terms. To get the terms right you are going to need to know what your audience are actively searching for.

The majority of internet users don’t search for products directly but rather solutions to problems they are experiencing. For instance: how to fill in a tax form, how to employ a new member of staff, etc. To get the most out of your digital marketing, you need to identify and create content to match this.

A new employee might not have worked in your industry before and therefore will have little understanding about the current needs or problems your customers experience. A new employee would need time to get to know your audience, in order to create the ideal content.

In contrast, an existing employee has interacted with your customers for a long time. Through previous contact, your current staff members will know exactly what the common questions your core audience ask and they are likely to know how to solve them. They can put this to good use in their content and create material which is more tempting for your target audience and yield better results.

Improves Staff Morale

Improving staff morale is beneficial for retention and productivity. One of the best ways of achieving this is to offer your staff opportunities for skill development. The fourth most desired skill in 2013 was digital and online marketing.

Giving your employees these skills will increase their morale, giving you higher productivity and decreasing the likelihood they will leave your organisation.

Digital Marketing Improves Soft Skills

There are many different skills required for digital marketing; not all of these are exclusive to the marketing. Training your staff in this discipline allows you give them a new responsibility and improve their proficiency in other areas of your business.

Here is a list of some of the key soft skills your staff can improve in when they have taken a course in digital marketing:

Communication skills are one of the key requirements employers look for in their staff. Digital marketing is all about delivering the right message to your key audience. By learning the skills and process to talk to your customers, they are also learning the skills to develop better communications with your management team and their peers. Better communications will lead to less confusion and errors being made. This will create a business which is more cost effective.

Writing and editing skills are not often thought of as being a core skill, but more jobs in the current market require staff to complete at least some paperwork. When mistakes are made on paperwork it can be costly for your business. An example of this would the inaccuracies of measurements on the paperwork which cost a French rail network £12.1 billion. An important aspect of digital marketing is ensuring that marketing materials released are free from errors. Digital marketing is another method to train your staff in getting their written work accurate. It can also improve the speed in which they are able to write and edit.

Budgeting is an important skill for any member of your team. Most forms of digital marketing require strong budgeting skills. Pay-per-click is one digital marketing avenue requiring budgeting skills. Daily budget needs to be set and distributed to return the most effective results. If they can learn the necessary skills during their digital marketing diploma they can then employ these in other areas of your business. This will help cut costs and give you better profit margins.

Time management is always difficult; however an individual who manages digital marketing needs to be aware of exactly how long they have to spend on each task. Spending too much time on one task (i.e. social media) is very easy but can be very inefficient and drive costs up. Staff properly trained can learn how to manage their time more effectively and increase their productivity. This can then be implemented in other areas of your business. A more productive workforce will return higher revenues and better profits.

Resourcefulness and creativity are skills required for successful digital marketing. They can also support other business activities. There will be times in your business when you have problems you’ve not experienced before. Traditional and normal crisis management solution might not be able to solve the problem. Having someone who is creative and resourceful can aid your business’ management team to develop solutions for your problems.


Digital marketing is one of the most effective ways for your business to acquire new customers and generate leads and sales. However, it is not an easy process and you need a fully qualified team in order to gain substantial returns on your investment.

Hiring a new employee might seem like a good option but they are likely to cost your business significantly in the hiring process and during their on-boarding process. There would also be concerns they would not be able to match your brand’s voice quick enough and as they continue to create your brand content; your audience may look elsewhere.

However, training your staff to manage your digital marketing activities can be highly successful and not just for your marketing efforts. They can instantly give you a return, speak in your brand’s voice and know exactly what your customers are looking for. They’ll also be more willing to stay with your brand and have a higher productivity as you show your commitment to their professional development.

Finally, the skills that they will learn during a digital marketing diploma can be transferred to other areas of the business. This will make your business sleeker; save you money and improve your profits.

Download a copy of the Diploma in Digital Marketing syllabus or read more about how your business could benefit from enhancing  your teams digital skills through studying a professional marketing qualifications such as the Diploma in Digital Marketing which is accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Feel free to air your views and join the discussion below.

10 Benefits For Outsourcing Your Internet Marketing

The success of your business online depends on the quality of your internet marketing. Many small businesses conduct their own online marketing campaigns and some have achieved good results. However, many small businesses do suffer from costly, failed marketing campaigns. If these businesses had outsourced their internet marketing campaigns, they might have had better results.

internet marketing temperature gauge image

If you aren't trained in internet marketing, it can seem very confusing!

Here are some of the benefits your business can experience from outsourcing your internet marketing tasks:

1. Saves Your Business Some Time

Many internet marketing campaigns can be time consuming. Social media has a particular reputation for being addictive for small business owners who spend their precious time chatting to other users on Twitter and Facebook without achieving results. Other research has shown that those who are not trained in digital marketing will take at least 20% more time performing tasks than those with the correct education and experience.

The time spent performing many of the tasks associated with internet marketing could be better utilised by you and your team in production, customer service or other business management tasks. Likewise, the more time you spend on internet marketing, the higher the customer acquisition cost is. Therefore, you might need to sell more products to ensure you breakeven, which will require more marketing and therefore costs. This process can quickly spiral out of control.

2. Save Your Business Some Expenses

There are numerous tools available to help you create strong internet marketing campaigns. However, some of these can be very expensive and require significant funds to set-up. Internet marketers will often use these tools for many clients and spread the costs between them.

For example, an internet marketing professional may use MailChimp or Constant Contact to run email marketing campaigns. If you were to use the platform you’ll want to buy a premium package for all the monitoring functions and larger mailing volumes. Paying for the premium accounts yourself can be more than twice as expensive than having them bought through a company providing email marketing.

The same can be said when dealing with social media management tools like Hootsuite where the costs of a corporate account can be spread out over the many clients of the internet marketer.

A professional marketer will also know what keywords perform well but have low competition. These will cost less per click on PPC campaigns and therefore reduce the costs of those campaigns but also improve your results.

3. Ensure Consistent Publication Of High Quality Materials

Creating content for your social media, blogs, email campaigns, pay-per-click, etc does take a significant amount of time. That is why your business may struggle with keeping up with publishing schedules. This may happen when your business has a sudden influx of work and you struggle to keep up with production unless you stop performing marketing tasks.

This then means that you are not publishing your blog posts, keeping up with social media or any of the other activities required for a consistent profile online. This can have a detrimental effect on your reputation. Ensure you are ahead of your publishing schedule. Rarely should you have the content created the day before or even on the day of release.

Using an internet marketing professional, who is independent to your business, allows the publishing schedule to not be affected by a sudden influx of work. Keeping your blog schedule and social media presence will increase the trust your target audience has in your business.


Outsourcing your internet marketing tasks can help you with your profit margins

4. Receive A Better Return On Investment

Between the reduction in costs and the higher quality of content being published; you can expect to see a higher return on investment from your internet marketing campaigns. For example, a professional will know which keywords cost the least, have the smallest competition, and also achieve a high search rate from keyword research. Using these, your provider will then be able to gain more visits to your website, generate more leads and increase revenues from the same amount of traffic than your team could probably achieve.

This will allow you to have lower customer acquisition costs and better returns on your investment.

5. Professional Level Of Digital Marketing Output

Every internet marketing professional knows how they can create the perfect blog post or email marketing campaign. They’ll be able to use this knowledge in your campaigns to make them more successful.

For instance, they could design the perfect landing pages to convince your audience to sign up to an email marketing list. They will then know how to segregate your email marketing list so emails are sent only to those who would be interested in the offer. This is especially important because contacts are more likely to ignore or unsubscribe if your email has no relevance to them.

6. Gain Experience From The Experts

A good internet marketing professional will not just manage your campaigns; they will also explain what they are doing and why. It is important that you listen to their reasons and what processes they are undertaking. This will help you in the long term to recognise good ideas when it comes to creating marketing ideas.

Having a strong presence within the idea generating process for your online marketing campaigns is essential for success. Without direction your internet marketing professional will not be able to draft schedules that align perfectly with your brand’s identity and they may seem bland.

7. Increase Your Campaign’s Flexibility

A truly responsive internet marketing campaign has to be flexible and be able to adjust to new market conditions. In-house teams are rarely able to cope with changes in the market as seen when Tesco accidently stated they were going to hit the hay on Twitter the day the news about the house scandal broke. This incident proved to be costly for Tesco as they had to make a public apology.

It isn’t just about avoiding bad news when it comes to being responsive online. You can also take advantage of news and other trending topics with newsjacking. This helps your business to rank highly on Google search results and have high visibility on social media.

8. Reporting

laptop internet marketing report

Internet marketing experts can provide you with good reports

Many of those who are not trained digital marketers are unaware of what internet marketing statistics they really need to be monitoring. There are many different statistics to look for, depending on the platform. You might not realise what the difference between certain similar terms are. For instance, many small business owners do not know the difference between hard and soft bounces. A hard bounce is when an email has been rejected from being delivered to an inbox where a soft bounce is when an email could not be delivered for another reason (i.e. inbox is full).

Then some business owners might be confused by what is meant by a bounce when it comes to website visitors. This is when a visitor has landed on your site and only been on one page.

Another problem is that you may become fixated on certain statistics like how many followers you have. The actual number of followers is not important but rather their engagement with your profile’s output.

A professional internet marketing professional would know what statistics to monitor and how to collect them in the most time efficient way. They will also know how to use the statistics to improve your campaigns.

9.Easier Maintenance

You online marketing campaigns will always need constant maintenance that is often not performed by small businesses. For instance, many small businesses don’t remove contacts from their email lists that are no longer opening correspondence. This is an important part of the email marketing process and can reduce costs and improve your campaign statistics.

Another common error that many businesses make is failing to constantly improve their SEO. Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process and should never be stopped.

An internet marketing specialist will understand what maintenance needs to be completed and take the necessary steps.

10. Reduces Your Stress And Improves Your Productivity

The tasks associated with internet marketing are very stressful for those not trained to perform the tasks. There are numerous tasks and when results are not being achieved; you might feel the pressure grow. This can contribute to the quantity and quality of your work. This can result in the loss of current clients and customers who you rely upon.

Employing an outside business to handle your internet marketing will reduce your stress levels and allow you to concentrate on exactly what you and your team are good at – your business.

The Final Word On Outsourcing Your Internet Marketing Tasks

Your internet marketing tasks can be performed in-house and some businesses do achieve success. However, to get the most out of online marketing you really need an expert. With the average digital marketing manager salary being £33,000 and other associated costs, you can save time and gain the expertise that will drive your online marketing to the next level by outsourcing your internet marketing tasks.

You will see benefits from their work across the board as they align your marketing output to your brand and to each platform in your marketing plan. This will make your output stronger and more successful. Finally, it gives you a chance to relax and concentrate on your business and its current customers.

Benefits of Working With A Digital Marketing Agency

digital media overview image

Digital marketing is not an easy business task.

If you want your business to be a success you are going to want to have a digital footprint. Consumers are using the internet now more than ever for everything from searching for local places to eat to Christmas shopping.

Last year the move to online shopping in the UK was evident yet again with a 16% growth in online retail sales. There was also double the amount of purchases made via mobile devices in December 2013 as there were in 2012. The value of all online spending was £91 billion and is expected to increase to £107 billion by the end of 2014. This will be equivalent to 21% of the entire retail market.

Social media and search engine optimisation are very important domains for digital marketing. 41% of consumers use social media and 34% use search engines for discovering new brands to buy products from. Blogs are also changing the way consumers develop relationships with brands with 81% of consumers trusting information published in a blog post. In comparison only 10% of customers will trust a brand using cold calling.

Hiring A Digital Media Agency

When you make your entrance into the digital marketing realm you will want to consider hiring a digital agency to support your brand’s profile. There are several benefits to contracting out your digital marketing and here are some of them:

1. They Know The Best Practices

The digital marketplace is huge and there are many different tools you can use. Concentrating on just one method to communicate with your audience is not going to be hugely successful as a good online strategy requires several elements to work together. For instance, you will want to create a blog profile to build your websites SEO while also attracting customers using three or more social media platforms and display adverts. Your next objective is to sign these visitors up to your email marketing list via a landing page on your website and then contact them regularly to develop a relationship that will make selling easier.

All of the work in the example above takes time, effort and knowledge of how each platform works. Every social media platform has different requirements. For example, Twitter concentrates on short messages, where the best performing updates have the URL positioned about 25% through the Tweet. In comparison, Google+ users prefer longer messages that have the URL right at the end.

There are also certain practices that are frowned upon through certain marketing avenues such as buying links, keyword stuffing, buying followers etc that some individuals will attempt to sell you. While these may provide your business short term gains – in the long term they can get you de-listed from Google searches or banned from using social media networks. Then it can be more expensive to restart.

A digital media agency will know what the best practices are for any given digital marketing avenue and provide you with them and any advice you need to increase your online profile and sales.

2. Cost Effectiveness

cost effectiveness button for digital marketing expert

A digital marketing expert can be more cost effective than an inhouse team.

A digital marketing agency has access to a number of tools and resources that your small business just cannot effectively use. This could be because you don’t have the training or the initial outlay of a resource is too expensive to justify purchasing it. Your agency on the other hand can spread the cost of the resource over several clients and their staff will have years of training and experience using the equipment.

They will also be able to cut costs in other areas. Some advertising platforms offer better deals for larger purchases, by placing the order for your digital marketing campaign with others, the agency can cut the costs that can be passed back to you.

Also, because they know the best practices and they’ll have the experience of running similar campaigns, they’ll know when to concentrate the use of your resources to gain the maximum benefit. For example, if you want to run a LinkedIn campaign, a digital media agency will know the best times for posting an update will be between 7 and 8:30 am and 5 and 6 pm Tuesday to Thursday.

An agency will also understand about keywords for pay-per-click advertising, offering you to run campaigns that will achieve higher clicks and impressions through the use of low competition and high search volume keywords.

This allows you to run campaigns that will achieve a better return on investment.

It is not just costs for tools and resources that you must consider. The average wage for a Digital Marketing manager is £33,000. When you employ a digital marketing agency, this cost is spread across several clients, saving you significant employee expenses while providing you with good results.

3. It Saves You Time

Even with the best tools out there, such as social media schedulers; creating content and managing digital marketing campaigns will take you time to implement. This time might have to be taken away from your own work or you have to do additional hours to run the campaigns. This might mean that you are earning less per hour or your business suffers.

You’ll also have to learn how to use the various tools and with some experts claiming it can take up to 10,000 hours for you to become an expert – your business might suffer while you learn. You also have to consider that certain digital marketing tasks, like social media, can be addictive. Some small businesses do get caught up in their social media activity that they lose sight of the amount of time (and therefore) money that they are spending on the platforms.

However, using a digital marketing agency saves you time in learning and implementing digital media campaigns.

They’ve had years of digital marketing education through university, post-graduation courses and further training in their business. They also are likely to have years of experience conducting campaigns with businesses very similar to your own.

In addition, hiring a digital media business means you aren’t spending the time doing the work so you can concentrate on your own business’ production. This allows you to keep your work-life balance which is important to the quality and production levels of your small business.

4. They Can Connect The Dots

The best digital marketing agencies will have numerous clients. Some of these clients are likely to have similarities and therefore can be joined together to help create a stronger online profile for both.

For instance, a small pet shop and pet boarding house might be paired up by a digital agency to share each other’s content on a regular basis. This tactic will instantly allow both businesses to reach a larger relevant audience while also saving time in finding third party content to share. It also helps to build a strong relationship between brands which is an important step in creating a good social media campaign.

When your digital media agency has a number of clients on their books, there could be a significant number of ‘brands’ within the partnership that will allow all the businesses to expand their reach with limited amount of work.

If you were to do this, it could take hours to research and discover compatible brands and there would be a limited guarantee the other brand would participate in your content sharing tactics.

Do You Need A Digital Marketing Expert?

digital marketing expert team image

What is the conclusion? Do you need a digital marketing expert for your small business?

A digital marketing agency is an important component in your brand’s management of your online profile. They have the expertise, experience and resources to be able to expand your reach online and generate sales. However, it is important to select the right digital marketing agency for your business. For this you need to ask your candidates a select number of questions, these include:

  • How is the agency set up?

When starting with an agency you want to see their working environment. Go to their office, talk to their staff and understand how their team works. If you get a good vibe from it all then it might be the agency for you. If they don’t run from an office, ask them why, what benefits do they have and how does that benefit you?

  • How is their pricing strategy set up?

It is really important to understand costs. You need to know what services you get for what price and how add-ons are processed / charged to your business. Also know what the terms and conditions for the payment are and when you are expected to pay the invoices by.

  • What are the agency’s key services?

Every agency works slightly differently. It is important to understand what their expertise is. Are they a company that strategise and then uses freelancers to bring in all the elements together or are they a company that does everything for you?

  • How do they measure results?

You need to know how they are going to monitor the results of your campaigns. You might have different requirements for the end results. For example, if they are looking for higher rankings on search engines but you want more website visitors, there might be some conflict.

  • What are their qualifications?

Every reputable digital agency would be more than willing to offer you proof of their credentials. This might include proof of their staff’s qualifications, recommendations from previous clients or case studies with strong evidence showing the results of previous work. It is important to see as much as you can to know that you are working with an experienced team trained in the latest best practices.

If you use the above five questions, you’ll easily be able to determine which digital agency is best for your small business. This in turn will help expand the online profile of your business.

5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

If your blog is not getting the amount of traffic that you desire, you may need to employ a few simple techniques to help increase and retain your audience. In my experience successful blogging comes down to good content, frequency, social participation, effective promotion and retention.

Every blog needs to start with a base of good content. What I have learned is that it's not just the message you are delivering, it's how you are delivering it. As a for instance I have all but given up on writing articles for my blog. Instead I have chosen to do all of my posts as video. This has not only increased my traffic, it has improved the participation in the form of comments. Think about the audience you want to attract, how will you educate, entertain and engage them?

The number of times you update your blog will directly impact the size of your audience. If you only update once a month people will get used to that and not necessarily check back very often. If you update every day your audience will grow much faster. Now I understand that in a perfect world we can't all fill the YouTube video every day and post it to our blogs. But you can set a reasonable goal of at least 1 to 2 times weekly. The frequency of your updates mixed with the quality of your content will directly dictate how quickly your traffic grows and how viral your posts are.

Many bloggers make the mistake of turning off or moderating the comments on their blog. An even bigger mistake is when bloggers delete comments of a negative nature. I have learned to allow anything that is not spam to be posted as a comment on my site. Recently someone even commented on my physical appearance in a negative way and I replied with laughter and acknowledged the flaw. This not only helps to make your blog appear more genuine, it also helps for people to feel some sense of community there.

The easiest way to promote your blog for free is using a few simple tools. The first I will point you to is the SU.PR plug in. This plug-in is brought to you by stumbleupon and allows you to auto post your new blog entries to twitter and Facebook. The second tool I want you to test is the sharethis plug-in. This plug-in allows your users to easily post entries to and other social networking sites.

One of the best ways to retain users is by using a good RSS feed management system. Google feed burner is the best free service I have found. The great thing about this service as it allows you to put an e-mail subscription box in your sidebar. Every time you update your blog Google will mail a summary and link to the new post. There is no limit on the size of your mailing list and it doesn't cost you a dime to maintain it.

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7 Phases of Customer Life Cycle Marketing


1.) Phase One – Attract – This relates to attracting visitors

When I ask my businesses what would be their number one wish – They often reply ‘Get more visitors to our website'.

You may or may no agree but the harsh reality is that 75% of transactions originate from a search engine regardless whether the purchase is made online through an e-commerce site or in a physical location such as high street stores etc.

So what does this mean – Quite simply it means that if your business isn't visible in search results for your key words or phrases then you are losing business!

The customer journey is a key consideration for every business – Think how you would go about sourcing a product or service. I would say most of us would turn to a search engine to research it further.

Then we would select the best looking ‘search result'.

This is a step most businesses forget – They skip straight to assuming ‘once I appear on page one of Google then they visit my site'.

I am afraid to say that this assumption can be costly to a business because what we actually do is scan the little paragraphs of text to see which one we like the look of – the one that stands out most for whatever reason.

There is a big opportunity for businesses here to stand out from the crowd and if – In marketing terms you OVP (Online Value Proposition) is appealing enough then we choose you but ensure the message seen here is consistent to the one they see when they arrive at your website.

So if it said '12 months for the price of 10′ then they must be able to see this message at first glance when they click-through to your site so they know they have come to the right place – If it's not they'll go back to the search results and choose your competitor.

For instance, the term ‘airline tickets' you can see from the below example that there are an array of paid and organic searches to choose from.

With Paid advertising you choose your advert text to appeal to viewers (PPC) and for natural / organic searches you must ensure your website title  says exactly what you want to appear in search results. You only have 160 characters so make sure it's good!


Okay – so you appear in search results, your position and headline grabs attention – what next?

Well the searcher chooses YOUR business then visits your website. Congratulations they have arrived!

We must also consider the other traffic drivers responsible for your traffic – You can use your Google analytics account to see your current site traffic plus the ‘social settings' area in ‘admin' will tell you which social networks, blogs etc are sending your site the most traffic – Just pop the link in to the social settings list and let Google analytics show you which sources are sending you the most visitors. This will help you establish where to concentrate your efforts and resources.

Other traffic drivers will include things such as social networks, blogs, email campaigns, other online advertising, online press releases, QR codes (Quick response), You Tube – We will cover this in more detail in coming posts including what happens when they land on your site.

Most businesses spend their time grappling to generate more leads – The ideal would be to attract leads rather than have to hunt them out.

To attract visitors to generate leads the process is simple but often neglected. Lead magnets which are things such as free white papers, case studies, reports, webinars, guides and various downloads that add value to the prospect which will entice them to firstly visit you landing pages or websites then part with their data thus becoming a lead in your sales funnel.

These leads will see listings in Google, PPC ads, landing page links or website links in email campaigns, on social networks, blogs and other traffic drivers for your fabulous valuing adding resource that will help their business or satisfy their need want.

Creating lead magnets ( a value adding resource) doesn't have to be a long and arduous task – You can create webinar events, guides, tips sheets and reports fairly quickly for your business – Then design fully hosted landing pages in minutes with key benefits and lead capture forms too – Hey presto you have a link to send out in emails, post on blogs or social networks or in QR code campaigns which will start attracting leads.

This approach is guaranteed to be far more effective in attracting and capturing leads as 97% of you website visitors will not be ready to buy when they visit your site so what happens to them – They are lost into the abyss unless you have something to capture their interest when they arrive at your website or landing page.

We will cover phase 2 – ‘Capture' in our next blog.

Recommended Resources

Create webinarsGotwebinar for up to 1000 attendees or GotoMeeting for meetings less than 25 people or Try Google Hangout.

Create Landing PagesInstaPage – No technical knowledge needed and costs only £6 a page – Easy to use and you can have a live landing page in minutes as there are tons of templates to choose from that you can customise and brand.

Create Email CampaignsMailChimp is great because it connect s to your InstaPage and when someone submits a form their data goes straight into your MailChimp email marketing list. Other email software I like are Constant Contact and IContact.

What now?

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