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Award Winning CIM Study Centre of Excellence

We have welcomed ver 25,000 students and then we were also awarded our 14th commendation from The Chartered Institute of Marketing for excellent results achieved and a 99% pass rate!

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Darius attended our 3-Day Ultimate Course in Manchester

“Dawn combined the what and how of Digital Marketing in perfect symphony. 

As a result of her guidance and class training, I’ve become a Certified Digital Professional and secured my first 6-figure contract with a major Swiss company”


Helen McCarthy – Head of Marketing & PR at Zouk Group



I would highly recommend Dawn and Business Consort training courses to anybody looking to develop their digital marketing skills, or to train their team to fill in any skills gaps. 

Dawn is an excellent trainer as her knowledge is extensive and she is a passionate Digital Marketer herself. She also has vast experience of working with a variety of businesses, which means she can guide you through the process of implementing a digital strategy that actually works and will help to grow your business. 

Having studied part time in the past with a solely academic institution, I chose business consort as I wanted a provider with a more commercial and practical approach. I knew Dawn would be able to teach me the skills I needed to generate leads and engage my customers as I could see her using those same techniques as she marketed to me. 

Having completed 3 face-to-face intensive courses covering digital marketing, email and social media my skills have already vastly improved. I am now studying for the Level 6 CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing with the help of Dawn and the online training portal, which is excellent and easy to use. In the meantime, I have already mastered a range of tools that are helping me to deliver better results for my employer every day. 

Alejandro Romei Borjas – Marketing & PR for luxury property & travel industries



Dawn is an outstanding Digital Marketeer with vast knowledge in her field, online business and business in general. I truly recommend her services and courses as they are of vital importance for any established business or start up looking to do business in the XXI century.


We have over 171 reviews from previous students

Catherine Meardon – Strategic Marketing Consultant 



I have completed two courses with Dawn. Level 4 Digital Marketing Diploma and I am now completing a Fast Track online Digital Marketing course at Level 6. I have also been on 4 intense Digital Marketing days with Dawn. All the courses have been really engaging. Dawn is so knowledgeable and experienced in Digital marketing techniques and strategies, it is amazing that she shares all this with her candidates. Her courses are really engaging and informative, so I have enjoyed the time in the classroom as well as learning through the online course. The tips that she has shared have really helped my business grow. She is also extremely helpful while you are covering the coursework. I really recommend Dawn’s courses and working with her to develop your digital marketing skills.

Mi PA –  Providing support to businesses Emma Mills, Founder of Mi PA, enlisted the expertise of Business Consort to boost her team’s social media skills

Training/qualifications undertaken:

3-Day Ultimate Social Media Marketing

Organisation requirements/objectives:

We wanted to get up to speed with the best social media, techniques and best practice and develop our social media strategy to enhance engagement and network size for our own brand awareness but also as a managed service for clients.

Challenges faced prior to training:

Developing professional social media graphics in-house to react to dynamic needs of our clients social media communications. Growing our network and post, YouTube channel and blog engagement.

Training outcome/results:

The training has given us the ability to create an array of social media creative such as blog content, infographics videos, animations, graphics, images and banners.

Are there any areas of marketing you still feel your business could improve upon?

Social Media changes almost daily so keeping up to speed with consumer behaviour is vital so we use Business Consort’s Consort Club to keep on top of latest tips, techniques and trends to aid our social media marketing.

Emma Mallinson, Global Marketing Product & Solutions Manager at Shell Petroleum Ltd, enlisted the expertise of Business Consort to boost her team’s digital marketing skills

Challenges faced prior to training:

It was becoming extremely time-consuming to manage social media posting, as we didn’t have sufficient knowledge of various tools. We were also unsure about the appropriate metrics to use and how to develop a strategy to integrate digital.

Training outcome/results:

The training has given us the ability to lead discussions with our global digital teams within the organisation to request the appropriate support to get channels up and running. It’s also given us the know-how on building digital such skills into our communications strategy and reaching the right people.

I learnt a lot about the importance of website optimisation and, as a result, we are re-developing our global content. Again, as a result of gaining the knowledge, I was able to communicate with our experts about what improvements needed to be made.


Samantha Atherton, SEO executive at savings and insurance specialist Shepherds Friendly, called on Business Consort to help with digital skills 

Following our training sessions with Business Consort, we’ve been able to step up our Google Analytics activity and really hone in on certain aspects. For example, we now use elements of this training when reporting on KPIs within Google Analytics, such as the customisable dashboards.

We’ve found that these have saved us a lot of time when compiling figures, and ensure that we are constantly monitoring the most important data.

Our training in SEO has also meant that we can add this to our toolbox of skills when compiling our marketing plans for the year. Those staff members who took part in the training have also presented their knowledge to the rest of the team, contributing to a more rounded understanding across the company.

Louise Casey – Marketing Communications Manager attended fast track course and went on to study for a Diploma in Digital Marketing

The training opportunities and coaching support from Business Consort has helped Cirrus put the right foundations in place to extend our reach, increase our opportunities and engage with our customers more effectively.

Cirrus will be more agile and customer focused as a result.

Organisation requirements/objectives:

As a global business, we recognised the need to increase and improve our digital marketing initiatives to build our online presence, extend our audience reach and drive more traffic to the Cirrus website. With an increased focus on lead generation we wanted to make sure that these initiatives were implemented effectively to improve our lead conversion rates.

Challenges faced prior to training:

With a rapid shift in focus towards digital marketing and a desire to manage this in-house we need to ensure that our digital marketing skills are current and the best they can be. Our market is incredibly competitive with a wide range of global competitors making it difficult to achieve standout. Our competitors are increasingly using digital channels to reach our audience and our clients are undertaking a significant amount of research online before speaking to us so it is crucial that we standout and are present throughout what can be a quite lengthy and complex purchasing journey.

Training outcome/results:

I would say that working with Business Consort has enabled us to confidently implement a number of digital marketing initiatives that will set us on the right path to achieve our objectives. It’s very much work in progress but a major step we have taken is to build and launch our new website. The training from Business Consort have ensured that this is a strong platform for us to constantly improve and build on and that will work harder for Cirrus in the future. Now that we are looking to place more investment behind increasing our online presence we are confident that we have a sales tool that will be worthwhile driving prospects to.

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