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30 Day Digital Challenge: Day in the life of a Digital Marketer (Day 25)

Day # 25 – Day in the life of a Digital Marketer

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A Day in the Life of a Digital Marketer – Some tips to revoultionise your working day efficiency!

1.) Your community & social network is about 2 way interaction – Don't leave your daily social media tasks and posting when you go on holiday – do your maintenance marketing – so you need to keep up your maintenance marketing which are the daily absolutely must do tasks – So try going on every day and comment, liking and sharing and make it part of your daily schedule – Also look at connecting to proactively grow your network so you reach more people as the scale of probability means the more people you reach the better your brand awareness and opportunities of engaging with new prospects.

2.) Use an APP to do this 3 x times a day – Morning – Noon and Night! You will only delay your social media if you try and allocate an a hour – we just want you to spend 10 minutes a day on social media to guarantee you double your engagement and audience within a month! Interact with others – Comment – Like – Share – Connect (10 interactions and follow or connect with 10 people). The you need to post once a day – this is your accolade marketing – Newsworthy content like – You have been nominated for an award or your CEO is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Charity – just keeping your business in others eye line!

3.) You need to write a blog – Article marketing is key for 2018 as many businesses and some of your competitors are most likely not blogging or don't have a content marketing strategy in place – great ideas for blogging stem from FAQ's so that you are actually creating content that has demand!

4.) Optimise your content so you make sure your post appears in Google – Use an SEO Tool like YOAST to ensure your price of content appears in search results.

5.) Email Marketing – Share you blogs through a weekly digest and through social media but also take snippets from that blog after the initial publish on social networks and create social media posts from snippets of the article to keep people / traffic coming to the blog but by using different headlines to attract readers. Try and blog 3 x times a week as this will form the heart of your content marketing strategy.

Don't forget to look at your Google Analytics – Use the App and the new intelligence tool that will advise you of any trends or insights Google has picked up to allow you to tweak and improve your digital campaigns.

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