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How to Become a Digital Influencer

Do YOU want to Become a Digital Influencer? 

If  YOU do there are some amazing benefits BUT how do you stand out and get seen when every day there are 2.7 million blog posts published and 432,000 hours worth of video uploaded to YouTube?

When you add up all of the posts, pins, tweets and Facebook live videos, that’s a mind-boggling amount of content created and shared each day.

Influencer marketing is now growing faster than digital marketing, according to research from Quora – So it probably comes as no surprise that many people are now scrambling to become digital influencers – looking to stake a claim and reap the benefits that come along with being a digital influencer.

But how, do you become a digital influencer?

Still, becoming a digital influencer is possible.

But you have to have a strategy, and you need to work it daily. So I have shared some of my own personal insights in the workshop which is about 45 mins and it’s packed full of tips, techniques and practical tips you can implement straight away!

If I haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting you my name is Dawn McGruer – Founder of Business Consort Academy –  – I am a Multi-Award-Winning Digial Marketing Speaker, Author & Trainer and I am Ranked in the top 1% globally on LinkedIn – Profile and I have amassed over 5 million subscribers!


How to Become an Online Influencer – What will you learn?

1.) How to establish YOURSELF as an expert in your field online
2.) Courses & Qualifications to accelerate YOUR career and boost YOUR business
3.) Three quick ways YOU can stand out from the crowd online


Business Consort Gets Commended for Excellent Performance

A big congratulations to all of our team at Business Consort Digital & Social Media Academy is needed because we just received a letter from The Chartered Institute of Marketing advising us we have been commended for the 15th time which is simply amazing news.

We have a 99% pass rate and are extremely proud of every single student we have certified and trained over the past 14 years and there is no better feeling than when our students get their diploma results for the assignments they complete over their course. We get to celebrate success for over 5000 students a year who get certified in digital marketing from attending our 3-day fast track courses or studying online and go on to graduate with the most in demand qualification in business – The CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing.

This puts our alumni in the top 1% of marketers across the globe which is an amazing accoldae to have achieved.

The Awarding Body at The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has commended Business Consort Ltd for the excellent performance of its students during the April 2019 assessment session. So a big thanks to our team and students for making us proud again and again.


Darius Ward: I turned my passion into a paycheck

I’ve been a self employed consultant since 2005 working with business to create & define strategy & track & manage performance. I’ve worked with the public sector helping councils & partnerships get and keep on the right track ensuring maximum bang for their buck. I’ve also worked with the private sector in project management & business analysis & improvement along the same lines.

My whole bag is to take something new or existing and refresh it so it is lean, effective & it’s own perfect version.

I turned 40 last week and when I first felt that approaching, around 2 years ago, I decided it was time to add a further string to my bow. Digital Marketing was my choice and I set about avidly consuming all manner of online courses, live events, books & journals, spending £1000s in the process. I learned a lot in that time and put some small parts of it into great effect in my work.

But when January came round I still felt that i’d not mastered the science and art of the subject. So I looked into doing a masters degree in DM. Having spoken with the head of the course at a well known Russell Group University and being told for £16,000 and a year of my time I would come out with only a theoretical understanding of how DM fit into larger organisations I decided against.

This was when I searched for and found Dawn! For 10% of the cost and 1/4 of the time she has not only shown me the how of DM but so vitally the what. A step by step system to use and follow for DM success in all manner of settings. Most importantly I’ve gained the confidence, along with my ‘Certified Professional’ status, to showcase my new skills and gain new and exciting projects.

Weeks after the 3 day I course I opened negotiations with a Swiss Pharma company who are looking to launch globally in just a few months time.

“Dawn combined the what and how of Digital Marketing in perfect symphony. As a result of her guidance and class training, I’ve become a Certified Professional and secured my first 6-figure contract with a major Swiss company”.  Darius Ward

Whilst I secured the contract based on my track record and proven results what undoubtedly added significant value was my comprehensive understanding of how there business systems can align with their digital offering and as a result they have asked my to support them in setting that up too!

I’ve earned a generous six figure package for a number of years now and have secured the same with the Swiss company. In addition though, largely due to my enhanced skill set and Dawn’s teachings, I’ve also secured a shareholding in the company that should easily see me achieve a SEVEN figure income for the 1st time! I’m overjoyed and can not express enough thanks to Dawn & the Digital Marketing Institute.

It has empowered me to seek more, be more and now to achieve more. Simply wonderful.

I know with absolute certainty that if you are looking to get started in DM, enhance your CV and get a pay rise or set up on your own and tackle the world that way Dawn is the person you NEED to go to. Don’t waste time & vast sums of money on things that won’t get you where you need to be. Go direct to the source of the knowledge you need to thrive. Go to the person that walks the walk each day and has had more success that most online ‘gurus’ could ever dream of.

Learn more about how we can help you achieve your dreams through developing your digital marketing skills to accerlerate your career and boost your business and brand!

Dawn McGruer: Helping Businesses and Brands Shine Online

Passionate about Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurial Escapades!

I started my business at the ripe age of 21!



Was it a good idea?…All I know is that I turned my passion into profit. I absolute love the dynamic pace of digital marketing, technology and entrepreneurism.


That said it’s not always been easy being in business and I thrive on helping businesses and brands shine online.


The number one reason I started my businesses (I have multiple from a marketing agency, digital and social media academy to investing and property) is that I want to make a difference.


Every single day I help entrepreneurs and businesses and their teams to maximise their digital marketing profits by developing digital skills in order to scale and grow their business so that they can accelerate their success and achieve their dreams and lead the life they deserve.


After all being in business is about lifestyle and living the life you want. I firmly believe in being the best YOU….This is about overall well-being from mindset, health, wealth, happiness, family, friends, relationships, business and let’s not forget ADVENTURE.


My clients are entrepreneurs, business owners and marketing professionals who are really passionate about what they do and that’s what makes me tick. They share a passion of mine because they too want to increase their online presence and ultimately generate more leads and convert more profitable customers.


That’s what makes businesses sustainable and successful but we ALL want to make the best of the life we have. We only have one stab at it so it’s important we get it right…

I meet thousands of people a month and the great news is that even if YOU are not living your best life and being the best YOU now….That can change TODAY!


It pains my heart when I meet entrepreneurs and business owners who continue to spend time, money and effort on the wrong strategies that won’t reap the best results for their investment.


Why do I feel such a connection with this issue?…because I went through the exact same pain and heartache when starting and growing my business. I have literally spent hundreds of thousands of pounds forging my way from start-up to sell-out success!


It didn’t happen overnight I am 40 now and over the past 20 years I am learning and evolving every day. I have felt the frustration and fear as a business owner and climbed that mountain only to fall back down but I got up again and again and I will never stop striving.


YES I have won multiple awards for speaking, as an author and as digital marketer and as a business women but it’s not all about accolades. Nice as they are success is different to every person and it doesn’t have to be about money or wealth. It’s about what makes you HAPPY!


Don’t get me wrong I was super excited when Wiley offered me a publishing contract but it’s not the money but the recognition that makes me HAPPY…What makes you HAPPY?


It’s really important to have goals in each area of YOUR life not just around business.


How can I help YOU?…I have failed enough to know what doesn’t work so what I can offer is to simply share my story and my journey so YOU know the pitfalls to avoid, tips to achieve your goals faster but most importantly by sharing my success strategies!


I will share powerful ways to market YOUR business online showing YOU how to boost YOUR online visibility and YOUR profits to revolutionise YOUR life and business.


I have always known that I have a special skill to inspire, motivate and help people achieve outstanding results that have a big impact on their lives and businesses but I’ve been so busy focusing on growing my business I haven’t shared and connected in the way I wanted.


Guess what – The time is NOW…I am here to share the expertise I have gained over the past 20 years establishing myself as a key influencer in the field of digital marketing and working with some of the world’s leading and respected organisations and now it’s my time to empower YOU TO SHINE ONLINE!


Ask me anything and I will share my experience and at very least be here to listen – Let’s celebrate each other’s success and take this journey together…It’s only fair to share and there is no need to go it alone from now on….I am here to help YOU!


Come JOIN my Facebook Group – Business Consort Digital Marketing Made Easy – I’d love to get to know more about YOU and YOUR business. Join the “Digital Marketing Made Easy” community and connect with business owners, consultants, and entrepreneurs – It’s our Facebook community where you receive valuable content and tips about how to get clients and grow your business and you’ll get to interact with me —  Click Here


Dawn McGruer FRSA FCIM MIoD – Helping Businesses & Brands Shine Online 🙂

Multi-Award-Winning Digital Marketing Speaker, Author & Trainer

Ranked #1 Globally By LinkedIn for Digital Marketing – LinkedIn Profile

Founder of Business Consort  – Digital & Social Media Academy

Tel: 0800 334 5784

Connect with me – Facebook – Twitter – LinkedIn

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Helping YOUR Brand or Business Shine Online

Women in tech and bridging the digital skills gap

According to a recent study by McKinsey (Women in the Workplace 2018) women remain underrepresented.

This is particularly true in tech industries where only about 20% of Tech Jobs are Held by Women (Small Biz Trends:Women in technology statistics) and a lack of female mentors could be playing a part in inspiring the youth of today.

I (Dawn McGruer Ranked #1 for Digital Marketing on LinkedIn) have worked in tech for the past 20 years and although I do see more and more females in the world of tech it is still a very slow evolvement. There needs to be a concerted effort to attract more women to the technology sector but the gender pay gap isn’t helping with the average salary for women reported as £59,209 and £78,599 for men.


According to the recent Computer Weekly Salary Survey 2017/2018 UK & Ireland, the UK will have 800,000 unfilled IT jobs by 2020. So we are facing a huge worldwide digital skills gap.

This skills gap was indeed addressed by the Education Secretary, Damien Hinds back in January 2018 in his first speech in this position so there needs to be investment in the youth of today who will be tomorrow’s tech and business leaders and entrepreneurs.


I am passionate about bridging the digital skills gap and have concentrated my efforts into developing digital skills through Business Consort Digital Academy. I am proud to say we have reached over 25,000 in our alumni who we have successfully trained and certified to CIM standards but there is still a long way to go.


I feel that digital marketing is such a central skill to have in business today due to the fact online presence contributes heavily to business success.


I see a vast amount of organisations who have absolutely amazing products and services but still struggle to reach the levels of profit they require to sustain and grow.

This is largely down to ineffective and insufficient marketing not the actual demand for the product or service but more to the visibility and reach to their target audience and markets.

So how can we empower our business owners, marketers and upcoming talent?

I feel digital marketing and tech related skills need to be taught in schools and there needs to be more inclusion of digital marketing as a whole in University degrees.


As a CIM tutor for the CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing I can honestly say I am shocked at how many degree holders have little knowledge of digital marketing in the business world. Even those who have marketing related qualifications have not had the exposure in the syllabus to digital marketing for commercial purpose. This is really disappointing in an era that is so focused to online trading and commerce.


I feel that curriculum needs to encompass real-world business skills because again when we look at the talent coming into business many are not equipped with what these businesses need in a marketing or tech related role.


Apprenticeships have been a welcome addition to this sector but still they are coming into an apprenticeship totally fresh and under-exposed to the concepts of business.


If we could reach our youth in schools and follow this solidly through higher education or apprenticeship training businesses would be more at ease in employing young talent because there would be a higher level of expertise that would fundamentally help them add to productivity and profit far quicker.


This is often over looked because when you look at job adverts the majority want experience because they don’t have the resources or time to micro-manage and train from scratch. If we could help bridge this gap we would see a more diverse recruitment approach from business and younger talent would have more opportunities to accelerate their careers.


Join the digital revolution and join our 30 day Digital Challenge – Download our  FREE PDF Guide packed full of 30-Days of Digital Tips…

Dawn McGruer FRSA MCIM – Multi-Award-Winning Digital Marketing Speaker, Author & Trainer

  • Awarded Best Female Speaker by The Professional Speaker Awards
  • Publishing Contract with Wiley for Digital Marketing Book covering our Award-Winning Solution Framework
  • Ranked top 1% on LinkedIn for Social Media & Digital Marketing – Social Selling Index.
  • My mission is to ‘Maximise Digital Marketing Profits to Scale & Grow A Business’ and started my busines at age 21.
  • I am a digital marketing specialist, trainer, consultant and owner of Business Consort; a leading digital agency and training academy, accredited by the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing)
  • Trained & Certified > 25,000 professionals (Founder of Business Consort- Digital & Social Media Academy)
  • We provide digital marketing services to national brands, such as HPE, MBNA, BT and Virgin Media, and SMEs across all sectors.
  • Over 14 commendations from the CIM for exceptionally high student pass rates (99%)
  • Passionate about digital marketing and driving business growth through enhancing online presence and increasing brand awareness, I have successfully designed and implemented effective digital marketing and social media campaigns across all sectors. I am committed to researching and studying new developments in the industry so I can deliver innovative marketing solutions and provide relevant skills and knowledge to business owners and individuals.
  • I am particularly confident in building, cultivating and managing branded online communities across social media platforms. Technically proficient, skilled in data analytics and digital metrics.
  • A dynamic, forward -thinking leader, adept at managing a diverse, highly skilled team, I am committed to delivering an exceptional service across digital and social media marketing training and services, and welcome opportunities to connect.

New Year – Time to Think About A Boost To YOUR Career

As Christmas is fast approaching and many of us reflect on the past year our thoughts begin shift to the future – How can we improve ourselves – Our focus is on planning, setting goals not just in business but across the areas of our life – what will 2019 hold for you?

We have come up with a few questions to ask yourself to help you find your focus and realise your dreams and goals for the coming year;

  1. Do you feel you are showcasing the best version of you?
  2. Are you earning what you are worth?
  3. Is you business generating the profits you deserve?
  4. Are you efficient but yet effective in your role?
  5. Do you have the skill set to be the best at what you do?
  6. Are you a critical driver in your business?
  7. Does your CV sell you?
  8. Are you a leading edge, innovator in your team?
  9. Are you a reveneue generator through your efforts?
  10. Do you love what you do?

In January an article in the Independent said almost half of UK employees still expect to be looking for a new job in 2018. I wonder what 2019 stats will be!

I love my job but as a business owner I design my role so it would be my fault if I didn’t!

It is easy to get caught up in being too busy so I write a list every week with anything I didn’t enjoy and delegate that then take on something new in exchange.

I block out time in my diary and often my best work ideas are created when I have this headspace.

I set a goals across the 8 key areas of my life each month

  1. well-being
  2. family
  3. work
  4. friends
  5. relationships
  6. adventure
  7. money
  8. home

So last Christmas my partner and I agreed to create a list of 12 things we’d love to do in 2018 – we chose 1 a month – creating memories!

My 3 new swaps are;

  1. I hate 5am starts so next year I’m travelling the night before.
  2. January is a bit lack lustre so going to Mexico
  3. I’m going to share a tip each week for a year that I’ve used in my journey as an entrepreneur entitled ‘52 to improve you’ launches December

52toimproveyou What are your tips to loving life? Or goals for 2019?

I just wanted to share a NEW Webinar I recorded – Developing YOUR Digital Skills to Improve YOUR Marketing Results

30 Mins with me Dawn McGruer – Focus for You for 2019: Choosing the best route for you!

Meet Mark Davis our New Learning Support Manager

Mark Davis PG Dip. M, MA, Chartered Marketer, Cert Ed – Learning Support Manager & Marketing Strategist and Marketing Analyst.

Mark Davis has been in marketing and sales for over 30 years and is a qualified Senior CIM Examiner and we welcome Mark as our latest team member – our Learning Support Manager at Business Consort – Digital & Social Media Academy.

A passionate Marketer, educationalist, trainer and business development mentor he has worked across many differing business sectors supporting them with their growth, marketing and development plans, improving performance and up-skilling individuals and teams for the 21st Century. He has worked with organisations both large and small such as Allianz, Tony Pryce Sports, Westland Helicopters and many other SME organisations in the past. His passion is the growth and development of local SMEs. By understanding their needs, he has become part of the success of these organisations across all the differing sectors – Business, Arts and The Third sector.

Mark will be supporting our CIM diploma students through completing their assignments, providing 1:1 feedback and answering questions to ensure our continued student success as well as oustanding results as a CIM study centre of excellence.

we currently have just over 2000 stduents studying online so Mark will work with current cohorts to support their online learning experience.

He will be working closely with our Founder & Head CIM Tutor Dawn McGruer FRSA FCIM who has been award multiple awards this year for her acheivements in marketing (Finalist Marketer of the Year), public speaking (Female Speaker of the Year) plus she was also welcomed as a lifetime Fellow with th Royal Society as well as the CIM.

We have been a CIM study centre of excellence since 2005 and have received numerous commendations from The Chartered Institute fo Marketing for our achievements in developing digital marketing skills through certified courses and worldwide recognised digital qualifcations such as the CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing.

10 things about Mark

  • I have been married for nearly 40 years and my wife is my rock and support
  • I am passionate about marketing, its simplicity, although I continue to research and study it
  • I have two children and two grandsons who are an inspiration and make me very proud
  • I love to walk – in the countryside and continually explore
  • I enjoy fishing, cricket, rugby and football and I am good at some but not all
  • Technology is a tool and has been a great help to my portfolio career
  • I love a challenge, be that learning a new skill or doing jobs around the house
  • Our house is a project, which allows me to undertake DIY and be creative
  • I am someone who likes to get warm on a cold day, rather than cool on a hot one
  • I like to be outside rather than inside, although music is very important and part of my life



Our Fast Track and Ultimate Academy Courses Awarded Solution Framework of the Year

It certainly has been a year of achievements for Business Consort – Digital & Social Media Academy!

Here at the marketing academy and agency we have a clear mission and vision – We are firmly dedicated to developing digital skills across our digital marketers of tomorrow as well as todays professionals.

Our sole mission is to maximise digital marketing profits to scale and grow businesses. As much as we are a training provider and digital strategy agency that is just the means of achieving the goal of increasing reach, attracting more of your audience to take action and generate leads that ultimately convert into profitable customers.

We empower our clients to implement, manage, measure and improve digital marketing campaigns to drive their business forward.

Our courses are chartered institute of marketing accredited and fully certified which is essential because our courses focus on proven, tried and tested strategies and when delegates attend a course they want to knew they are getting the best quality and value to help them achieve their objectives and up-skill them in skills required in today’s ever-evolving digital economy.

So we were absolutely ecstatic to say the least when won the ‘Solution Framework of the Year’ award last month at The Professional Speakers Awards 208 hosted by Sunday Times Best Seller, Andy Harrington.

Not only did we pick up such a prestigious award for the model we teach on our fast track and ultimate academy courses but our Founder, Dawn McGruer FRSA FCIM won ‘Best Female Speaker’ so a pretty amazing night was had by us all at the Crowne Plaza Awards Dinner in London.

This year Dawn has also made it as Finalist in the CIM Excellence Awards as ‘Marketer of the Year’, been invited to judge at numerous prestigious awards but she gained a lifetime Fellowship from the CIM which can only be awarded through achievement and proven expertise.

She undertook a 30-Day Digital Challenge back in March whereby she went live for 10 minutes a day on Facebook providing 30-Days of Digital Tips to help bridge the digital sills gap which resulted in over 2.5 million video views, 11% increase in customer base – oh and a her podcast available to download from iTunes.

We also launched the ability for marketers to study a 12-month marketing programme by attending 3-day Ultimate Academy Courses in London or Manchester coupled with our signature online fast track course studied online and can be accessed 24/7 – anywhere and anytime! This new option – ‘The Consort Club‘ not only allows a year-long of developing digital skills but gives access to support from like-minded professionals in our online ‘Consort Club Community’. The Consort Club also allows customers to spread the cost with easy monthly payments starting from only £49 + VAT.

Oh and if that wasn’t exciting enough we were awarded yet another commendation for achieving outstanding results in the latest CIM Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing assessment – Our 99% pass rate continues and so does our average grade B achievement.

So as we celebrate another successful year and it approaches yet nearer to 2019 we look forward to welcoming more and more students to develop their digital skills, get ahead in their careers and grow their businesses. Our aim is to welcome a further 5000 students next year to join our 20,000 + alumni to date.

NEW ‘Powerful Ways to Market Your Business Online’ Event

FREE Digital Marketing Event

8 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business Online

I want to invite you to meet me at a half-day event in London or Manchester so I can share Powerful Ways to Market Your Business Online.

REGISTER NOW – Places Limited!

Where & When:

London – Tuesday 27th November 9am-Midday 12pm @ citizenM Tower of London Hotel, 40 Trinity Square, London EC3N 4DJ

Manchester – Friday 19th October 9am-Midday 12pm @  Manchester Art Gallery, Mosley Street, Manchester. M2 3JL

FREE to Attend – Refreshments Included

So as I embark on my 14th year in business I look back on what has contributed towards my success and that of my businesses.

As an entrepreneur and owner of an established digital academy and agency I have a very specific interest in how and why a business succeeds.

One of the biggest reasons a business is not reaching its full potential is insufficient marketing or cost-effective marketing.

I realised though that back when I started one of my businesses in 2000 I would have invested someone to actually guide me through marketing my business online. There were no accredited courses or certified qualifications back then so I had to learn through trial and error.

I cannot even put a figure on the amount of time I spent researching, self-teaching myself and wasting money on attending pointless courses where they taught theory and no actual real-world business marketing.

Fast-forward to today and I am a multi-award-winning Digital Marketing Speaker, Author & Trainer and happy to say Founder of a world-leading Digital Marketing Agency & Academy.

I will share directly with you tangible tips, trends, techniques, and tools to maximise your digital marketing profits to scale and grow your business.

Our trademarked Digital Marketing Mandate Model is our award-winning Solution Framework of The Year – It is like a road map that breaks down the ways to market your business online and the strategy, tactics and actions you need to achieve digital marketing success.

We will discuss ways of ramping up your online visibility and presence and methods of reaching and attracting your target audience, driving more leads and using content marketing to turn more of those enquiries into profitable customers.

We will also cover key strategies around getting your customers to be your biggest advocates and ultimately using Marketing as a Revenue Generator!

I will be hosting the event and the team and I can’t wait to welcome you on the day – I am passionate about Digital Marketing and have over 20 years experience – I am ranked #1 by LinkedIn globally in my industry and have just been awarded Best Female Speaker at The Professional Speaker Awards.


9am – Registration & my team will be on hand with refreshments (FREE Tea, Coffee & Water)

(Be on-time as we close doors once the presentation starts @9.30am to avoid disruption for our guests)

My interactive presentation ‘8 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business Online’ will cover;

  1. Search Marketing
  2. Social Media
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Online Advertising
  6. Social Selling
  7. Measuring Marketing Results
  8. Digital Marketing Strategy

There will be Q & A Sessions throughout

12pm – Midday Event Closes (You must be able to attend the entire half-day as we cover the steps in a particular sequence so it is crucial you stay to the end).

Who is it for?

Exclusively for marketers, decision makers, entrepreneurs and business owners of start-up to established businesses.

Who will host the Event?

I will be hosting the day and sharing my knowledge experience direct with you – I am Dawn McGruer FRSA FCIM MIoD – I am proud to say I am now an award winning speaker, consultant, trainer and digital practitioner and entrepreneur.

I have a work life balance I strived for years to achieve and take about 10 weeks holiday a year, drive the car I want, live mortgage and debt free and travel around the world for business and pleasure….Sounds nice doesn’t it but believe me I could have been doing this a lot quicker if I had access to the sort of resources available in our Digital Academy.

As I am on the cusp of turning 40 I know I have achieved a lot…but it has come at a sacrifice…late nights, travelling and being away from my family for long periods but I got there and the great news is you can reach whatever your goal is much quicker than I did.

My second book is due out later this year and….and here some quick facts about me

  • Founder of Business Consort
  • Digital Strategist
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Published Author
  • CIM Qualified Tutor
  • 20 years’ experience
  • Over 5 million subscribers
  • Ranked Top 1% globally on LinkedIn
  • 45,000 strong LinkedIn network
  • Over 10 commendations from the CIM
  • Finalist CIM ‘Marketer of the Year’
  • Lifetime Fellow of Royal Society – RSA
  • Awarded CIM Fellowship

Why should I attend?

So in short if you are looking to start or grow your business then the ‘8 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business Online’ is great starting point.

Yes I turned my passion into profit but ultimately we only live once so I want to enjoy my time on this planet and wake up feeling invigorated not dreading the day ahead.

When you can reach your audience, generate an abundance of leads and convert them into profitable customers with less time, effort and money that is when the magic happens – I will show you the true meaning of productivity equalling profit.

Please don’t be mistaken that this a half-day networking opportunity as this event has been designed to push you towards achieving your goals and I will be challenging the way you think and providing a new perspective on what success means to you and what that looks like.

You will leave charged and ready to drive your business forward.